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We are a team of passionate, talented and exceptionally dedicated wedding photographers.  We believe that a wedding day story is one of the most important stories to capture; it's the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life and the emotions and memories of the day, the love between you and your spouse as well as your friends and family - should be not only celebrated but beautifully documented as well.  We believe in capturing the day in a relaxed manner; blending in not as "just another vendor" but as a part of your wedding day team.  We are as invested in your wedding as you are and throughout our relationship together, we will provide you with guidance and information to help you create the most photogenic wedding day possible.  If all this sounds good to you, then keep reading.  I think we'll be a great fit for each other!

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We didn’t want to look too posed in our photos but we also wanted someone who was comfortable working with people who needed some guidance too.  We feel like “us” when we look at our photos and we were so comfortable the entire day.  I’m so happy with my wedding photos!





We have 3 outstanding photographers on our team: Erika, Sarah and Jennifer.  One of the aspects that separates us from other multi-photographer studios is that we proudly display portfolio's for each photographer.  We have all trained the same way and we all take the same approach to weddings; but as artists, we all have an individual flare to our work.  Click on the various gallery links below and you'll be given a choice as to which photographer's portfolio you wish to view.



Erika and her team are so professional.  Everything from quick answers to our questions to helping us through some of the more stressful parts of our wedding day.  It didn’t feel like we were working with just another “vendor”, it felt like we were working with a friend.






We're not just "another big photography studio".  Yes, we have a team of amazing photographers that work with us but we still very much operate as a small business.  We establish a rapport with our clients directly from day 1 and don't rely on sales associates or office managers.  The associates that are a part of our team are all experienced wedding photographers.  Even our second shooters are experienced.  While we respect that new talent has to start somewhere in the industry, we also believe that your wedding day is not a place for someone to be practicing new skills, it's a time when a seasoned professional should be reliably capturing that unforgettable and truly wonderous occasion.

Experience.  Rapport.  Artistry.  Respect for our craft.

That's what makes us different.



Erika began her photographic journey nearly 10 years ago with a focus on wedding photojournalism from the very beginning.  In 2015 Erika was named one of the Top 30 Wedding Photographers in Canada by the Canada Photo Convention and in 2015 as well as 2016 named one of the top 10 Toronto Wedding Photographers by EventSource.

With publications in wedding blogs and magazines throughout North America, Erika's unique approach to wedding photography results in the capture of not only a fluid story but with artistic images that are influenced by the couple, their personality, the location and a love for light.

Aside from booking her own weddings, Erika responds to all initial inquiries, attends all the in-office consults with Sarah and Jennifer and is an active resource and wealth of information for all clients.



With a background in fine art photography, Sarah's approach to a wedding day is the same as Erika's - uninterrupted storytelling with an artistic influence.

Sarah has been a wedding photographer for nearly half a decade and an amazing part of the Ten·2·Ten Photography team for several seasons.  Her dedication to continued learning, combined with her existing skill set and immense love and passion for her work, make Sarah an irreplacable part of the team.



Jennifer's attention to detail and keen eye allows her to capture a wedding day story with the utmost attention to detail and care.  Jen's effervescent personality will guarantee that you'll fall in love with her and establish the oh-so-important "client-photographer rapport" from the moment you meet.



As a camera-shy person, I was more nervous about photos than I was any other part of my wedding day.  The images that we received were so wonderful - absolutely perfect.  Erika and her team do such a great job and make the entire process feel effortless, even for a shy bride like me!





Without a doubt, the most important part of our process is developing a rapport with our clients.  

Trusting in your photographer is a necessary part of the recipe if you're looking to create amazing photos.  We include a complimentary (yes, free) engagement session in all of our packages to help us get to know you better, and you to know us.  Rapport: The key to creating beautiful images.


We are truly invested in created a beautiful story for you.  Our clients aren't just a way for us to pay our rent; they are people we genuinely care about and whose love story touches us deeply.  

We take weddings incredibly seriously and approach each one with a blank canvas; not repeating shot lists but rather building upon the unique situations each wedding brings.  We are as excited to see you walk down the aisle as your friends and family are, and even more excited to create beautiful images for you.


Stories are meant to be shared, especially when your story is as important as a wedding day stoty.  We offer top quality fine art albums, that are totally customizable, so you can not only have a way to share your story but you can also create your first family heirloom.

Learn more about the differences between do-it-yourself albums and professional wedding albums.




We know what you're looking for: prices.  It's what most people want to see right after they look at a portfolio.  We are advocates for being upfront with pricing and we choose to post everything online. 

What makes us different is that our packages are "event-based" rather than hourly based.  We were one of the first in the Toronto area to offer these types of packages.  We do this to provide you with the flexibility that a wedding day needs and the peace of mind that your budget needs, too.  We know you'll find your perfect fit.





Capturing a wedding day isn't something we take lightly.  It's an incredible responsibility and truly an honour to be granted that opportunity. 

We gather our inspiration from our clients; their smiles, their laughter and their interaction is what lights our creative fire.  We also gather inspiration from our locations - using the surrounding area, textures and landscapes to complement the story of your wedding day.

Let us tell your story.

See more of some of our favourite weddings and engagements.




When my (now) husband and I were searching for a photographer, we knew right away that Erika and her team were the right fit.  There were some challenging parts of our wedding day but Erika navigated our day flawlessly.  We were blown away by our images and still look through our album regularly, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.




Below you’ll find everything you want to know about our team of tremendously talented Toronto wedding photographer team that is Ten·2·Ten Photography, including our style, our approach, our team and some of our favorite posts!  Still have questions?  No problem!  Contact us using the form on the website or send an email directly to [email protected]


A Little Bit About Us

Who is the talented team behind Ten·2·Ten Photography?  Glad you asked – my name is Erika Hammer and I’m a Toronto wedding photographer whose modern style is a combination of photojournalism and fine-art.  I’m the founding photographer of Ten·2·Ten Photography and Jennifer, and Sarah are a part of the amazing team we have.

Our approach to a wedding day is simple: tell the story of your wedding day by creating meaningful and memorable images that are reflective of real individuals and real emotions.  We are a team of experienced wedding photographers.  We understand that every wedding day is unique; every couple is different and every relationship has a flair of individuality.  We approach each and every wedding with one goal: to tell a story that is reflective of the couple.  We pride ourselves on being not only modern in terms of our approach and editing style but continuing to produce timeless images that you’ll still love 10, 20 or even 30 years from now.

Although we’ve been honoured with multiple publications in prominent wedding industry platforms such as Brides, Project Wedding and Elegant Weddings Magazine and have been the recipient of several awards, including being voted one of the Top 30 Under 30 Wedding Photographers in Canada, we truly take pride in our continually evolving style and creativity that we achieve through continuing education and true dedication to our craft.  Although some may say it’s cliché, we find most of my inspiration in my clients and their love for  each other.

You’ll find an enormous variety of my work throughout our website and blog but if you’re looking for most recent photos, they’re hiding out on my Facebook page in the sneak peek galleries and also on our Instagram page!

We are true believers in not only continuing education as are our associate photographers (we love attending workshops and learning new skills) but also teaching others.  For several years, Erika (our founder) has been offering wedding photography workshops in Toronto as well as one-on-one mentorship sessions that are both short and long-term.

We also believe that brides and grooms should have full access to wedding photography prices which is why we proudly link our service PDF of wedding photography prices in many areas of our website, including our “invesment” link.

We are Toronto wedding photographers but we also photograph weddings in Peterborough, the Muskokas, all of southern Ontario and are available for select dates worldwide.


Toronto Wedding Photographer: FAQ

What is your style?

The Ten·2·Ten Photography approach to the wedding day is that of a storytelling nature mixed with creative imagery.  We like capturing the wedding day as naturally and unobtrusively as possible; creative images are captured by gentle coaching (when appropriate) and careful planning on the part of the clients.  Our clients take pride in planning gorgeous wedding days with awesome photo opportunities and we are happy to provide a plethora of information to help guide our clients towards achieving their goals

How many photos do we get?

Although it’s impossible to estimate precisely (since every wedding is different), you can anticipate about 50-60 images per hour of shooting (which can be around 700-800 images for a full day wedding with two photographers and lots of action).  Of course, this number varies depending on the length of coverage, amount of photographers hired, amount of action, the amount of details, how long we have for photos, how much time we’re spending traveling, the willingness of the participants to be photographed as well as any restrictions that may be placed on us by venues (such as officiants that do not allow picture taking during the ceremony or reception venues not allowing the photographer to set in the reception room).

But I’ve heard that some studios give 2,000+ images, why can’t you do that?

We cull our images; this means that we go through the images after the wedding and discard the test shots, the (many) photo bombs, the weird faces (that weren’t intended on being weird faces) or the images that just didn’t turn our quite right either technically or stylistically.  We send only the highest quality images through our editing process and include those in your final gallery.  We also pride ourselves on not overshooting each scene; rather we approach each frame with an idea on mind and execute it with a plan.  This means you’re not going to do 50 pictures of your shoes all as slightly different angles simple for the purpose of increasing your image count.

Some studios include a very high image count because they either do not cull with high quality in mind or because they feel like the quantity of images may distract you from the overall quality of images. Clients of Ten·2·Ten Photography appreciate quality which is what we choose to deliver.

We never hold back beautiful images from you; all the beautiful images pass the culling process.

Do you have an assistant?

Each of our photographers operates differently; some have assistants some do not.  If we do bring an assistant with us, please remember that an assistant is different from a second photographer – an assistant is there to help us in a non-shooting roll while a second photographer is there to benefit the client by capturing additional candid moments.  The assistant will help us achieve a variety of lighting techniques and will help ensure that gear moves safely and quickly from location to location.  Some of our photographers travel lighter than others and do not require the use of an assistant.

Do you offer a second shooter?

Yes, we do!  Any client can add on a second shooter into their package for a small fee.  Our second shooters are also experienced photographers (never newbies) who have experience with weddings.

We truly believe that there are just as many pros to having a second photographer as there are cons which is why we allow our clients the choice to add in the extra talent if they so wish.

How far in advance should we be booking our wedding photographer?

We secure a limited number of commissions every month in order to ensure a top-quality product for our clients.  We typically fill our calendar a year or more in advance although we are always happy to hear from you at any time during your engagement.

Can we edit the photos on Instagram (or ourselves in Photoshop)?

While we appreciate the wonderful world of iPhoneography and easy access to photo editing programs; please bear in mind that we have worked very hard to establish our style and have spent countless hours individually editing each and every one of your images.  We ask that our clients refrain from re-editing any of our images.  In lieu of re-editing your images, we encourage all couples to find a photographer whose style they love so that they do not feel the need to re-edit images or apply filters.

Do you offer wedding videography?

We do not offer videography.  While photographers and videographers use some of the same equipment, videography is a totally seperate specialty from photography and requires a different skill set.  We do have information in our client exclusive magazine regarding our list of favourite videographers and are happy to provide that to you upon booking.

There is no need to hire a company that offers both photo and video – any photographer or videographer who is skilled and professional can work in a team with someone else regardless of the fact that they are from different companies.  I would caution any couples looking for a videographer to keep their style in mind, though.  Hiring a documentary style photographer means you should also hire a documentary style videographer.  If your photographer is documentary but your videographer is more classic and posed then your photos will be affected as your behaviour will be coached by the other vendor.





Aside from the photos, I found Erika’s passion for sharing information with her clients to be a key factor in making the obvious decision to hire Ten·2·Ten Photography.  Erika provided so many helpful tips and emails and gave us information that helped us get amazing photos.  I had no idea how many factors can affect your photos, but I’m so happy that Erika is so invested in her clients that she takes the time to provide this type of information.  Best wedding decision ever (aside from my husband, of course!)



get in touch

The next step in the process is for you to contact us so we can set up a time for a consultation.  Consultations aren't super formal; it's a no-pressure meet & greet where we can get to know each other better and to give you an opportunity to ask us as many questions as you want.

You can use the form to contact us or you can email us directly at:

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Please note that we take on a limited number of weddings every year (to ensure speedy turnaround and high quality!).

We are 80% booked for 2017 and are now accepting 2018 weddings!