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Album Discounts: Featured Product

There’s no question that albums are an investment – but we always do our best to ensure that we provide professional products in a range of prices for all of our brides and grooms.  We decided to go a step further and promote various featured albums at unbeatable discounts.  We will try to promote a different album every month or two.

Our current featured album discount is….

A few of the details:

  • There is only 1 album available at this price!  It will go to the first person who places their payment.
    • Why is there only 1 album available, you ask?  Well, because I’m selling the product for only slightly more than cost, it’s not a sustainable way to run a business… but, it is a nice way to say thank you to my clients!
  • These special products cannot be combined with any other form of discount (ie: early bird, in-package, etc.) as they are already discounted at larger amounts than those.
  • Because the discounts are so awesome and great, we require full payment at the time of ordering
    • Why, you ask?  Because these discounts reflect a price that is just a little bit over what my cost actually is.  Album pricing = the cost from my company + the cost of my design time.  These discounts represent a massive discount in our design time (practically free); therefore, we require full payment because this covers our expenses from our suppliers.
  • With the purchase of the album you get 1 proofing session and can make up to 3 changes during that session.  Additional proofing sessions are $100 per session.
  • If you have not yet walked down the aisle, you can pre-purchase your album by making the full album payment.  This will guarantee you lock in the price of this album for after your walk down the aisle.
  • When pre-purchasing your album, your album design will begin immediately upon your edits being completed.
  • This deal expires on April 30th at 11:00pm.  If you are reading this article and interested in this purchase, you must contact me before the expiry date.  The deal will not be extended.

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