The advice we received from Ten·2·Ten Photography was truly invaluable.  They were the only photographers who we met with who we felt were actually as excited about our wedding day as we were.  Their enthuisiam was a breath of fresh air and the resulting pictures are some of our most treasured posessions now.




So you’re looking for a Toronto engagement photographer?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s a little bit about us, Ten·2·Ten Photography, and some extra info about engagement photos that you may not even have realized you wanted to know.

Toronto Engagement Photographer: FAQ

Q: You’re a “team” of photographers; but will we know who our photographer is?

A:  Absolutely!  When we decided to expand back in 2015, it was absolutely imperative that we still operated like a small business.  Our clients aren’t just “another couple” to us; our clients are the reason we can do what we do and love every minute of us.  You can often find us having coffee with a friend who was actually a client from a few years back.  Needless to say, the relationships with our clients are of the utmost importance to us which is why you will always know, from the very beginning, who your photographer is because you get to choose your photographer!  You’ll meet your photographer at the consult and then take your engagement photos with them and see them again at the wedding.

Q: Why should we take engagement photos?

A:  Engagement photos are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera.  When was the last time you actually took professional photos?  It’s not something many people do often which means that once the big camera comes out, people have a tendency to get nervous and this shows in facial expressions and body language.  As documentary style photographers, we’re capturing the emotion that’s present at that time – so it’s a great idea to take engagement photos before your wedding as a way to work through those “in front of the camera jitters” you may have.  That’s just one of the many reasons why you should take engagement photos, but I don’t want to write an entire essay.

Q: What should we wear to our engagement photo shoot?

A:  Dress according to the environment. If the environment is more urban, then perhaps something a little dressier will work. If the location is more rustic, perhaps a pair of stylish boots will fit the surroundings well. Don’t wear matching clothing. Think of ‘complementing’ and not ‘matching.’ Avoid loud colors or patterns on the clothing, it might be too distracting. And no logos or slogans on clothing, either. Stylish clothing is always the way to go. Dressing in layers would be a very quick way to change the look of an outfit without doing a full outfit change. Sometimes, depending on the location that is chosen, a changing area might not be immediately available.

Q: When should we take engagement photos?

A:  It’s preferred to take them 3-4 months before the wedding if you want your photos back with plenty of time to print them and make your own albums (which typically take several weeks).  Another reason why 3-4 months before the wedding is a good time is because once you get closer to the wedding, your schedule is going to start to fill up.  Bridal showers, bachelorettes, bachelor parties, stag and doe’s – all while you’re still planning the wedding!  In terms of time of day, photographing right after sunrise is ideal if you want to take your photos in a larger, public area as the odds of having photobombers in the background are greatly diminished at that time of morning.  The hour right before sunset is also ideal since the sun is equally as beautiful as the morning; although many popular locations are quite busy at that time.  We can discuss your vision at length to make sure you have the best options presented to you.

Q: What are some of the best places in Toronto for engagement photos?

A:  That all depends on the time of day.  The Scarborough Bluffs are beyond amazing but they are so ridiculously busy in the evening that a place like that is best used in the morning, same goes for Kew Beach and Cherry Beach.  There are a lot of amazing urban locations if you’re looking for something more unique and city-inspired.  We love exploring new places!  You can take a look at our list of Toronto wedding photography locations, but the best place to take engagement photos would be a place that isn’t too busy, a place that has great light, and a place that has a varied background.

Q: What do you even do with engagement photos?

A: You print them!  Decorate your home or office with your memories.  Our generation (the “Oregon Trail” generation and the Millenials) don’t print very much and it’s a shame because once you change your habbits and start printing your photos, they’ll become more precious to you.  Guaranteed.

Q: Why should we hire an associate instead of Erika?

A:  Uh… because they’re amazing?? The associates aren’t “lesser” photographers, they’re just as great as Erika with each associate approaching the wedding day the way Erika would.  All the associates have unique strengths, as well, which is what makes the team so versatile.  The main difference between the associates and Erika is that Erika as been at this a few more years and thus, has had more time to accumulate more publications and awards, that’s all.  The associates are fantastic, we know you’ll love working with them.