If you’ve found this article it’s likely because you’ve scrolled all the way down to the bottom while perusing the “What to Expect when you’re an Expecting Wedding Photographer” series.  I’m so glad that you found the articles informative enough that you kept scrolling and found yourself here.

I wanted to give a shoutout to an awesome community; the Pregnant Wedding Photographers group on Facebook.  It’s a group I found about half way through my pregnancy and it’s really a lovely community of individuals.

Pregnancy can be hard; hell, it IS hard.  It might be hard for you right away and it might be hard near the end.  It may get really hard after the baby is born.

We’re all in this together; we all need to support each other because it not only takes a whole village to raise a child but it takes damn near the same amount of villagers to help a woman through a pregnancy.