I doubt I’m the only person who likes to reminisce around the new year.  After the rush of the holidays can subsided and life resumes it’s regular pace, many people often reflect on the past 12 months and some even set resolutions for the upcoming year.  I figured that now would be a better time than any to sit down and reflect on what 2012 brought for us.

Back in 2010 I received a request in my inbox from a newly graduated photography and graphic design student to participate in a mentorship.  Although I did not officially offer mentorship at that time I had been toying around with the idea so I decided to meet with them anyways and discuss their goals.  Little did I know how much things would change by answering that email.  In 2012 I began mentoring 2 additional talented new photographers in addition to those already mentoring with me.  I ran several practice sessions that involved not only simply shooting but took an in depth look at posing and lighting at a variety of locations and in a variety of lighting conditions.  The classes were a huge success and I hope to do it again.  As a result of the guidance the students have received, their natural talent has flourished and has begun to refine itself.  I can’t wait to see how they further evolve and grow in 2013.  I have enjoyed my mentoring experiences so much that I have started an official wedding photography mentoring program, both online and in person, and look forward to working with many new and aspiring photographers!

Although not all of my 2012 work has yet to make it to my blog (there’s only so many hours in a day!), two-thousand and twelve was a year of variety when it comes to wedding and engagement session locations.  I got to travel to locations and shoot in places that I have never been to before.

Where did Ten·2·Ten Photography go in 2012?

And believe it or not, but that list only dates up until September of 2012… I simply haven’t had time to blog about the October/November/December clients yet!  Guess you’ll have something to look forward to on the 2013 reflection post next year.

As I look back on the years weddings, certain moments stand out in my memory…  I remember Lisa’s new husband Jaiel singing a love song to her at their reception – that even made me cry and I was just the photographer!

wedding lovesong - A Reflection on 2012

I remember climbing the 96 stairs with 50 pounds of photography gear with Stephanie & Jason so we could take wedding photos in a particular window of the Mississauga City Hall…

sj wedding 837 - A Reflection on 2012

I remember watching in awe as Rachael, one of the most relaxed brides of the year, waited patiently as her mom made last minute alterations on her dress – only minutes before needing to leave for the church!  (What a talented and amazing mom!)

IMG 1338 2 - A Reflection on 2012

The energy and excitement that was present at Will and Selina’s wedding reception was unlike any reception I’d seen before – I don’t think I’ve seen a groom party that hard (while looking so dashing!).

IMG 3714 2 - A Reflection on 2012

Finally, the creation of the “Veil in the Wind” shot from Teresa and Jeff’s wedding was truly memorable; without a breeze to be found, Teresa’s sister helped give the bride’s veil a ‘lift’ before snapping the wide-angle photo… Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you produce a ‘veil in the wind’ photo when there is no wind on the wedding day… Run, Andrea, RUN!

bestbridesmaidever - A Reflection on 2012

Twenty-twelve was also a fabulous year for publications!  Our wedding photos have been published in several WeddingGawker articles as well as on several popular wedding blogs including: Champagne Sweets, Bridetastic Canada, Trendy Bride, Pretty Bear Bride and the ever-popular Elegant Weddings Magazine.

While I’m reminiscing over all the great time I’ve had this past year, I can’t help but remember some not-so-great moments.  Although there were only a few, every incident revolved around guest etiquette and behaviour regarding photo taking.  This wasn’t just regular ol’ picture taking from their seats, either, this was guests playing the role of photographer!  In a few of the cases, many amazing shots got ruined by a person either stepping in front of my lens, the 2nd shooters lens or by the “guestographer” standing in a location so close to the bride and groom that there was no way to crop them out of the shot.  I’m hoping that the era of guests behaving badly peaked in 2012 and that we only have smooth sailing ahead of us.

Overall, 2012 was a pretty fantastic year and aside from a few guestographers here and there, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  This is normally the time when I come up with some type of concluding statement or witty final remark for my final paragraph but alas, words are failing me.  Instead, I think the best way to conclude this post is to simply refer back to the content on this website – a picture says a thousands words and our work speaks for itself!

Wishing everyone a magnificent 2013!