High Park Engagement Photography // Image Courtesy of Ten·2·Ten Photography

Budget Friendly and Affordable Wedding Photography

What do the terms budget friendly, affordable and bargain all have in common?  They are all totally and completely subjective!  There is no standard of what defines ‘affordable’, ‘budget friendly’ or even ‘bargain’ – especially when it comes to wedding photography!  What one bride may consider a ‘bargain’ another bride may find too expensive.  So why are these broad terms terms so popular?

It’s simple… everyone is on a budget.  I’ve never met a bride and groom who didn’t have a budget for their wedding!  Having a budget is not only normal, but essential; and wanting to find vendors that you like within that price range is also totally normal.  Folks, this call this “wedding planning”.  It’s as plain and as simple as that.

As you are planning your wedding and searching for vendors (like wedding photographers) you need to shop around not as a budget bride, but as a smart bride!  Smart brides know value when they see it.  They know when they are getting the most bang for their buck and always ensure that their high standard of quality are met!  Googling terms like “budget friendly wedding photography” may deliver a few price-conscious results, but your chance of finding quality vendors that meat your high standards may be much lower.

Remember: terms like ‘budget friendly’ are subjective!  They mean different things to different people.  You might consider $3,500 being a ‘budget friendly’ cost for wedding photography while another bride would claim $1,750 to be their budget bargain.

Are you starting to see how these words can really alter your search results and point you entirely in the wrong direction?

Choosing a wedding photographer isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time, energy and commitment.  Search for your photographer based on the wedding photography style that you like and not the price range you think you fall in.  Use terms like photojournalism, candid, fine-art or modern.  These search terms will get you closer to finding a photographer that compliments your style; after you find some great candidates then you can review costs and budgets and assess whether or not they fit into your grand plan.

High Park Engagement Photography // Image Courtesy of Ten·2·Ten Photography

Before I conclude this article, I want to have a little talk about the word ‘average’.

There are plenty of brides out there who think they are smart brides by staying away from words like budget-friendly (for fear of poor quality vendors) yet they use the word ‘average’ in their searches instead.  Average.  Hmmm… Average.  So let me get this straight… brides want all kinds of info about average costs yet they want to plan an above-average, spectacular wedding?  I’m no mathemagician … but that doesn’t seem to add up.  Why would average vendors somehow come together to create a spectacular one-of-a-kind event?  That’s not what happens.  If you want truly spectacular vendors – vendors who are the best of the best, you sometimes need to look for the above average!

Yes, it’s a fact that according to Wedding Bells recent survey, the average cost of a wedding in Canada is about $24,000.  Yes, it is a fact that various wedding budget websites suggest you spend a mere 10% of your budget on photography.  Does that mean that you should only choose a wedding photography who charges $2,400?  Absolutely not!  Don’t let statistics and averages tell you what you should spend on your vendors.  If wedding photography is important to you, maybe you’ll want to spend 15%, perhaps even 20% of your budget on it (and skimp the 5-10% from somewhere less important to you!).

The fact of the matter is, if wedding photos are important to you, do your research carefully and assess each result to determine whether or not you think it’s a good value for your money.  Avoid searching by terms like budget-friend or cheap and simply focus on quality.


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