aga khan museum wedding photos
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Aga Khan Museum Wedding Photos

What I love most about Leila + Danilo’s Aga Khan Museum wedding photos is the sheer variety that being at the Aga Khan provides to you. Greenery, architecture, water – it’s all there, only a few feet from each other. It’s truly one of my favourite wedding photography locations – especially when the bride’s brother brings McDonalds at the end of the photo session!

Leila + Danilo’s wedding day was filled with family, friends and surprises! Leila, a trained dancer, surprised Danilo by choreographing a dance and participating in it – hidden amongst the other ladies. His reaction when he realized it was her was almost as priceless as when Leila’s family surprised her too. Leila is usually the dance coordinator in the family; the family dances always fall on her to choreograph. Since this was her wedding, she wasn’t expecting there to be a family dance since she didn’t choreograph one – but her brother surprised her and what a dance it was! Add a digital photo booth into the energy of the reception was palpable.

I hope you enjoy these Aga Khan Museum wedding photos as much as I enjoyed creating them:

3 Tips for Aga Khan Museum wedding photos

  1. Always get a permit – there’s no two ways around it. It’s their private property and they only issue a limited number of permits – to once you know it’s where you want to take your photo, call and purchase your permit.
  2. Bring a coat! If you’re shooting there in the cooler months, like we were, it can get a little chilly there. There’s not much around the area to block the wind, so make sure you have a coat handy or even better – some hand warmers!
  3. Embrace the variety. Don’t just stick to the water area or the architecture; use the whole property and get a diverse array of images. The possibilities there are endless!

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