mentoring3 - Branding Critique

In all the years I’ve been mentoring, every single person had a brand disconnect.  They thought they were advertising to the right people but their message wasn’t showing value, wasn’t resonating with the right people and wasn’t nearly as honed in as they thought.

Having a well thought out brand and – more importantly – brand consistency will:

  • help you book your actual ideal client
  • get people to see your value and pay what you’re worth
  • give you more influence to close sales
  • get clients on board with upselling products and services with confidence

What’s Covered?

The process starts by taking a deep dive into your mind.  We need to figure out what message you think you’re sending and who you think you’re targeting.

After we do that, I’ll go through your website and social channels so that I can walk through the process from a clients perspective.

After analysis, you’ll receive a (lengthy!) email with observations as well as helpful strategies on how to change your presence to align more with the brand that you’re aiming for.

Let’s Book It!

Fill out the form and we’ll contact you within ~48 hours.  You’re always welcome to follow up directly by emailing [email protected]  When we receive your form we’ll look it over and based on the information provided to us, we’ll contact you for further information or send you a booking form via ShootQ