Brian and Megan got engaged shortly after Christmas of 2012 and without hesitation, asked me to be their photographer.  Needless to say, I was as pleased as pie!  After viewing some of my sample albums, Brian and Megan fell in love with the custom guestbook albums and decided that their reception wouldn’t be complete without one of their own.

Having your guests simply sign their names in a blank, traditional guestbook is boring!  And although having guests sign on the matting around a gorgeous engagement picture is much more sentimental, nothing beats the level of personalization and interaction as a custom guestbook.

So how do we make our custom guestbooks?  First, it’s about getting to know your client!  One of the reasons we accept a limited number a weddings per year is because we want to ensure that we always have enough time to really get to know our client and their needs.  Getting a thorough understanding of your client’s style helps you brainstorm ideas for your initial layout.  Second, you need to work with your clients to decide how you will approach the interactive aspect of the book.  Will you have your guests write funny stories about you, give you advice, make predictions or will they simply sign their name and write a wish for you?  Coming up with the interactive questions takes creativity and ingenuity.  Finally, the first draft of the album gets put together.  We highlight some of the client’s most favourite photos on the cover or full page spreads and use other photographic gems on multi-image pages.  We add on our interactive questions with spaces for guests to write and… bingo!  You have yourself one heck of a guestbook!

The album cover (the first photo you’ll see) is both the front and back of the album.  Sure, it looks a little funny online but when you’re actually holding the book in your hands the image will wrap around seamlessly from front to back!  Brian and Megan wanted to add just a wee bit of tradition into their custom guest book so they opted for the first page to be strictly for guest signatures.  Do you have to do this to your album?  Absolutely not!  Remember, it’s a custom album!  We make it exactly the way you want it.

Brian and Megan chose a hardcover guestbook album from our Classic album series.  The hardcover books are stunning and reminiscent of the traditional coffee table style albums we’ve all come to know and love.  The print quality on these professional albums far surpasses anything you can get at a do-it-yourself lab and the books are specially coated with a protective barrier so Brian and Megan can admire their beautiful guestbook, in full and vibrant colour, for years to come!


000000 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design000001 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design002003 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design004005 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design006007 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design008009 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design010011 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design012013 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design014015 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design016017 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design018019 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design020000 - Brian & Megan | Custom Guestbook Design

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