As I type this entry, I’m actually taking a break for the massive amount of preparing I’m doing for my first-ever Bridal Show: The Budget Friendly Bridal Show!  I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing show.  For the past few months, I’ve been thinking about what type of special package I could put together for guests of the show and I had a really hard time!  I turned to brides for help!  I asked soon to be brides and even some newly weds what the most important part of a good photography package is and, to my surprise, the answers were quite varied!  (I was sure the answer was going to be “I want everything on DVD”)  I was actually quite happy to know that not all brides picked the “everything on DVD” option and that many of them chose “prints” and “albums” as being very important aspects of a wedding package!  This tells me that a large amount of brides out there care about the quality in which they showcase their albums and prints and that makes me so happy!

After hearing about what all the brides said, it became very obvious that everything was important!  Massive amounts of coverage, an amazing amount of images on DVD, quality prints and books and more!  So… how on earth would it be possible to take a super-mega-photography request and turn it into a budget-friendly package?  How can you possibly offer all that for mere pennies while maintaining quality?  Hmmm…. time to put my thinking cap on…

And then a lightbulb went off….

I realized that everyone’s version of “budget friendly” is different.  Some people see “budget friendly” as meaning “cheap” or “inexpensive” while others see the term “budget friendly” as meaning “an amazing quality for a reasonable price”.  Also, the term “budget-friendly” is relative to how much you are spending, overall, on your wedding.  (A bride who has a $7,000 budget will have a different opinion of what is ‘budget friendly’ compared to a bride who has $10,000 to spend, etc.)  Once I realized this, I was able to put together a package that contains a massive amount of savings as well as an incredible amount of services and products.  No matter what your wedding budget is, every bride will agree that his package is a great deal!


Budget Friendly Bridal Show Package

8 Hours Coverage

1 Photographer

Up to 300 Photos, Fully Edited on DVD

A 40-side Deluxe Album, large size

$100 credit toward any size print

A 25% Discount on Parent Album*

Online gallery for 1 year

COST: $1,999

A savings of over $760 dollars!

So why is this an awesome package?  First of all, it’s an incredible bargain!  If you compare this to a Build-Your-Own Package + Album, you’re saving over $760 dollars!  Oh, and don’t forget the other reason why this package is incredible…. it’s got a little bit of everything in it!  (After all, isn’t that what every bride wants?)  It has coverage by yours truly, for 8 consecutive hours, on your wedding day.  Eight hours of coverage is a lot of coverage!  That’s usually enough time for getting ready shots, ceremony, formals and even part of the reception, too!  Although I will take as many photos as possible on the wedding day, I will hand pick the best 300 images and give them to you on a CD/DVD ready to print at your lab or ours!  The best thing about this package is the album!  A 40 page deluxe album is a wonderful way to showcase your beautiful photos and a 25% discount on Parents Albums makes the deal that much sweeter!  I love including print credits in special packages because you can’t beat the quality of a professionally printed photo!  Finally, all your photos will be in an online gallery for 1-year so you can share them with friends and family with no hassle!

So, how can you book this package?  You need to visit my booth at the Budget Friendly Bridal Show this Sunday, October 2nd, at Stage West in Mississauga Ontario.  It will be a super fab show and the admission is free!  Come, introduce yourself, learn about Ten·2·Ten Photography and pick up an “I saw Ten·2·Ten Photography at the Budget Friendly Bridal Show” card!  Bring this card with you when you book and this package can be yours!  (Pssst… make sure you book quickly!  We only have 4 more spots left for 2012 as we take only a limited amount of weddings per year!)


*Note:  “Parent Album” are defined as either a Standard or Deluxe album that is identical in layout to the Bride & Groom’s book.  Discount expires 3-months after wedding date.