“Can you Photoshop That?” A common question asked by many brides and even some grooms.  When it comes to choosing a Toronto wedding photographer, asking them to perform visual trickery shouldn’t be one of your top questions.

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I’ve met with clients in the past whose primary concern (at time of consult) is just how much we can alter their appearance in post-production.  These clients wouldn’t be able to tell you whether my style was photojournalistic or traditional.  They wouldn’t be able to tell you if my editing style was earthy and colourful or light airy.  They really paid no attention to the actual photography.  Rather, they set up a meeting and wanted to immediately discuss how Photoshop can alter their appearance.

From my years of experience in the industry, there are many things I’ve learned about body image and wedding photography and I want to share this with my readers today.


Yes, Photoshop can do “wonders”.  It can slim arms, it can lengthen legs, it can remove blemishes and make your eyes “pop”.  It can remove rolls and smooth our curves.  It can even change your hair colour and even our tan lines.

But the resulting photo isn’t going to be of YOU.  The more a photo is altered, the more if takes away from the person in the photo.

What most brides and grooms forget is that you can “Photoshop” a photo to removed perceived flaws… but when you show it to your friends and family they will all know that the photo has been touched up.


Because they saw you on your wedding day.  They saw you with your “flaws” and they still congratulated you, hugged you, loved you and celebrated with you.  They all love you for who you are.  You made each and every one of their jaws drop when you walked down that aisle and if you hand them a picture of yourself looking drastically different; virtually nipped and tucked, what you’re really telling them is how insecure you are with yourself.

Learning to love your body can be a very difficult thing for any person of any gender to do.  In lieu of heading to the gym once you get engaged; spend that time learning to love yourself.  Take selfies with your partner, take engagement photos and hang them up around the house.  Get accustomed to seeing yourself in photos and showing them to others.  No one will love you any less, I promise.  In fact, when they see how happy you are with yourself now – they’ll love you more.

So next time to think of asking ‘Can you Photoshop that?’ take a moment to tell yourself how awesome you are instead.  Love yourself.  Love your photos.