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How I Beat the Instagram Algorithm Overnight

It’s been a rough few months with the new Instagram algorithms in full effect and engagement decreasing exponentially for many.  Everyone is looking for ways to beat the Instagram algorithm and I can’t blame them.  I was there too.  I was pulling my hair out staring at my phone and seeing 100 likes – if that – on a photo that used to get several hundred.  Not to mention, when I could see that my cat’s Instagram was still pulling in 400 and 500+ likes on photos I was doubly jealous.  Like, WTF?  But I digress… I want to share with you all how I beat the Instagram algorithm overnight.

how I beat the Instagram algorithm overnight, beat the IG algorith, how to get more engagement on instagram

How I Beat the Instagram Algorithm Overnight

It’s really quite easy and here it is:

I stopped giving a shit.

I stopped giving a shit because I don’t put all my eggs in one basket anyways.


There.  Voila.  The way to beat the Instagram algorithm – but let me elaborate further so you’ll understand how I arrived at this point.


Instagram isn’t yours.  You don’t own it.  This means you have zero control over the changes it makes – like the algorithm change that has affected so many people.  When you’re looking for lifelines for your business – ways to get leads – it’s truly foolish to put all your eggs into one basket especially if you have zero control over said basket.

Instagram is a company.  A big company.  And when they were bought out by Facebook, anyone whose been around long enough to see the start of, rise of and failure of faceook Pages was able to predict what was going to happen to Instagram.  There’s no doubt that they want to monetize their platform for business owners – if you want to be seen, you need to pay.  Just like Facebook.  Does it suck?  Yeah it does – but we don’t own Instagram and frankly, they owe us nothing so all we can do is adapt to what they’re doing and what they’re changing.

Instagram is only 1 tool.  While social media is an important part of the equation, it shouldn’t be your be-all and end-all as to whether or not people are finding you.  There are countless other ways to reach out to clients whether it’s through your own blog and website, seo, promo videos, live streams, newsletter marketing, AdWords, wedding listing websites, wedding shows (if they still work in your particular market) and good old fashioned word of mouth recommendations.  None of these things are perfect and some of these things may not work at all in some markets while other markets eat them up. but they are all tools.  Tools that you have as your disposal to attract clients.  Use as many of the tools as you can!

So while Instgram isn’t dead by any means, and while it’s still important to do proper keyword research, post engaging content and post GOOD content, it’s also important not to get caught up in this whole “The algorithm is killing my engagement!” fuss and remember that as a business owner, you have many tools available to you to attract clients.  If you put half as much effort into finding out what other methods of engagement work for you as you do trying to “Break the Instagram algorithm” you’ll have plenty of business knocking at your door.

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