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Indoor Photography Locations in Toronto

When it comes to indoor photography locations in Toronto, we’re exceptionally lucky to have more than a handful to choose from. It’s quite common for couples to seek indoor photography locations in Toronto for their wedding day photos but it’s also something that couples will do for engagement photos or that families will do for an upcoming family photography session if they know that they need that date and cannot reschedule in the event of bad weather.

So what do you need to know about finding indoor photography locations in Toronto? There’s 3 things you need to consider:

  • Fees/permits
  • Style and vibe of the place
  • The photographer you’ve chosen

#1: Permits and fees

So let’s get real with #1 – when it comes to indoor photography locations in Toronto, you will always – without exception – require a permit. There is not a single “Free” indoor photography location in this city. Permits can range anywhere from ~$200-$600+ depending on what location you’re choosing and how long we’ll be there for. Underpass park and The Bentway are covered, outdoor locations but they are often quite busy and lack in variety. Some places, like U of T, have some covered areas but not ideal unless you’re really in a pinch and even then, not for large groups. You also should be booking your indoor space as early as they’ll let you because spaces book up fast – especially on Saturdays! This means if you want to wait until a few weeks before your event to “monitor the weather”, you might be out of luck when you try to actually book a space.

#2: Esthetics and vibe

Another thing you need to consider when looking for indoor photography locations in Toronto is what the style and overall vibe of the location is like. Some indoor spaces are quite grand and elegant while others are more modern and some are quite hipster-chique. You need to make sure that the vibe of the place you’re looking into matches your personal preference. Booking a super elegant, historic mansion for photos doesn’t make sense if you prefer the “everything green and natural with neutral colours” vibe. You also can’t book a light and bright space and expect your images to look dramatic and moody, and vice versa.

#3: Your Photographers Style

Finally, you need to remember that not all spaces are good for all photographers. Spaces that require a lot of artificial light (studio flashes, etc.) aren’t always the best if you’re looking for candid, documentary photos because studio setups needs to be planned and carefully executed. If you’re not sure if the light in a certain indoor option matches your photographer’s approach, make sure you consult them before booking anything and have an open and honest chat.

So what are my favourite indoor photography locations in Toronto? Let me show you…

Indoor Photography Locations in Toronto

Quick List

A word of the wise for those seeking indoor photography locations in Toronto and who are opting for an indoor rental studio space, like Mint Room or Preto Loft. These spaces often change up the esthetic of their rooms. Paint jobs change as so accessories. Make sure to have a conversation with them before booking to ask if the look of the room you’re seeing in the photos now will still be that same look by the time your event day comes around.

Let’s take a tour of some of the indoor Toronto photography locations that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting in!

Finding Alternative Indoor Photography Locations in Toronto

If renting a studio space or formal event space isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can head to space-finder type websites and start your search there! I’ve linked to some of my personal faves below, but the possibilities are endless. Again, remember to book as far in advance as possible as spaces get booked up very fast. Also, try to find spaces that are large with tall ceilings and plenty of natural window light – ideally on more than 1 wall.

Finding indoor photography locations in Toronto is surprisingly easy – you just need to keep in mind that permits are a reality, that choosing the right esthetic matters more than you think and making sure that the location worked with your photographers approach is the icing on the cake. Wishing you all the best in finding your perfect indoor spot!

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