There are hundreds of beautiful places for wedding photos in the GTA but when it comes to finding indoor photography locations in Toronto, you’ve got yourself a challenge!  Luckily, over the past several years, we’ve been compiling a list of some of our favourite indoor wedding photo locations and are happy to share them with you.

But first… yes, I know you’re anxious to see the list, but this is really important… we need to talk about photography permits.  When it comes to indoor photography locations, I don’t like using the term ‘photo permit’.  I actually prefer using the term ‘venue rental’ because that’s essentially what it is – you’re renting the venue for a length of time.  Often people think of “photo permits” as being cheap and inexpensive and then when they see the pricetag of some permits they suffer a severe case of sticker shock.  So let’s do ourselves a favour and change our mindsets: venue rental… not photo permit.

A few things to keep in mind about permits/venue rental fees: It is common for an indoor location to have permit fees upwards of $400 to $500.  Although some locations may have fees that are less expensive, please ensure that you budget for permit/venue rental fees well in advance.  Many indoor locations specify a range of time that your permit is valid for.  Some places allow you to choose the time, other places are not as flexible.  Finally, be aware that not all indoor locations are suitable for large group photos.  Many indoor locations are best suited for smaller more intimate groupings of people or even better, just the bride and groom (and photographer).

indoor photography locations in toronto 2 - Indoor Photography Locations in Toronto

Please note: You will have to contact these venues directly for information regarding their most recent information, services, associated fees and availability.  This blog post is a reflection of our personal favourite indoor photography places and has not been endorsed by those listed below.

  1. The Berkeley Church
  2. Artscape Wychwood Barnes
  3. The Burroughs
  4. The Drake Hotel
  5. Graydon Hall Manor
  6. Bellvue Manor
  7. Steamwhistle Brewery
  8. King Edward Hotel
  9. De La Salle Heritage House
  10. Holcim Waterfront Estates
  11. Estates of Sunnybrook
  12. Paletta Mansion
  13. Bob Rumball Manor
  14. The Hazelton Hotel
  15. Spadina House
  16. The Doctors House
  17. Miller Lash Inn
  18. Fairmont Royal York Hotel
  19. Thompson Hotel
  20. The Old Mill

Hopefully this list will help you find the perfect indoor location for your wedding photos!

Wishing you all the very best on your wedding day, xoxo.