kawartha lakes intimate wedding

Kawartha Lakes Intimate Wedding

Amy + Simon’s Kawartha Lakes intimate wedding was by far one of our favourite weddings that Lea captured for our team. This wasn’t our first time photographing events that were only accessible by boat and I certainly hope it’s not the last. There’s something so special about knowing that you have a private little island for you and only your closest family and friends to celebrate on.

It was important for the couple to not only have his mom be the officiant (amazing, right?) but to take the time for portraits that day. Some wedding days have rushed photo sessions while others take all the time they want to – it’s all about what’s important to the couple. The property has a lot of memories and a lot of stories and we wanted to make sure that was captured in these images. Afterall, that’s the beauty of documentary wedding photography: there is no mould you have to follow, you capture what’s important to the couple.

I hope this beautiful Kawartha Lakes intimate wedding has you feeling all the feels too!

3 Tips for a Kawartha Lakes Intimate Wedding

  1. Embrace the weather, whatever it may be. Whether it’s summer or overcast or even a little rainy, when planning an intimate wedding it’s best to go with the flow. There were a few times on this wedding day that it got cooler and overcast – but everyone knew that if the rain were to come, we would rock the umbrellas and tents and celebrate anyways! As you can see from the photos – that means not worrying if your dress gets a little dirty.
  2. Love the wind-blown look. If you’re taking a boat to your wedding, you will inevitably have a few hairs out of place so plan for a style that works with the vibe and activities of your wedding day.
  3. There’s no ‘rules’ on how to have an intimate wedding. While microweddings are generally 10 people or less, intimate weddings have a pretty large range for guest count. What’s unique about an intimate wedding, though, is that while guest count can be large of small, you still plan in advance the same way you would a traditional wedding and part of your planning is to ensure that you have time to hang out with every guest and really have that one-on-one experience with them.

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