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Luma Restaurant Wedding

Have you ever been to a Luma Restaurant wedding? If you haven’t let me tell you – you’ve got to get on the guest list! Luma is not only an incredible restaurant but the view is fantastic. From the private balcony you can see the CN Tower right there. How much more ‘downtown Toronto’ can it feel?

What I loved most about M+S’s wedding day was that they were really focused on spending quality time with their guests. Your guests experience at the wedding is so much more than just good food (although at Luma, good food is always going to happen!) Photos were done beforehand and we used the balcony area so we to stay nearby and find a calm and intimate corner of the busy downtown area to be in. Once guests arrived the energy skyrocketed and celebrations were non-stop for the rest of the evening. Having the opportunity to photograph M+S’s Luma restaurant wedding was fantastic and I’m forever thankful to have met these two! Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

-xoxo, Erika

3 Tips for a Luma Restaurant Wedding

  1. Use the balcony – whether for cocktail hour or just a private space for you and your partner to have a drink before the celebrations begin, it’s an epic space and makes the day that much better.
  2. Maximize your guest count with an unconventional “aisle”. While traditionally there’s an aisle that a couple walks up that’s in between two sets of chairs, you can get creative at Luma and have a side aisle while maximizing guest seating.
  3. Attend your cocktail hour! While some couples use cocktail hour to take their photos, the food and drink experience at Luma is one that you most certainly will want to make sure you experience as the couple! Take your photos beforehand and enjoy the cocktail!

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