With Halloween just around the order and some eager beavers having their Christmas decorations out already, it’s almost time to wrap up the 2014 season.  Although there are still 3 weddings left until the year technically becomes 2015, I’ve spent time, already, reflecting on this past year and am ready to openly discuss where Ten·2·Ten Photography will be headed in the future.

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Packages.  Packages remain similar; with the addition of a truly unlimited package.  I love the event-style coverage approach and can’t see myself swaying from that, ever.  Wedding days are simply too dynamic to commit a client to a set number of hours.  While I see the benefit of having a strict number of hours per package from a business perspective, I still feel like offering my clients the flexibility of event-based coverage is more in tune with my beliefs.

Office Hours.  After much deliberation…. we are going to be testing a new “trial faux-weekend” and will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays effectively immediately.  Any Monday/Tuesday appointments we have booked will remain on the calendar but going forward we will not be booking any sessions, meetings, phone dates, consults or even spending time at our computer (editing, emailing, blogging, etc.) on Monday and Tuesday.  For the past six years, I have worked 7 days a week; it’s something that happens when you have a quickly expanding business and are the sole owner of it.  While I’ll still have my smartphone on me to receive emails, only urgent issues will be addressed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If our trial of these “days off” goes well, it will be permanent.  Being able to take a small amount of time to myself each week will help me focus on not only my relationships with friends and family but also on my health and inspirations; all of which will make me a better artist as I capture your wedding day.

Turnaround time.  My turnaround time has generally been 6-8 weeks on average; slightly less if your wedding occurred during a slower season and slightly more if your wedding has occurred during a high season (especially August, September and October weddings).  That number was established a few years back when my average wedding was 8.5 hours long and had 1 photographer.  I’ve tallied up the results of the past 2 years now and my average wedding lasts 11.2 hours and has 1.4 photographers.  While means the workload is increasing and there are more images than ever to go through, cull and edit.  Turnaround time estimate is now 8-10 weeks, based on seasonal workload.  BUT… don’t worry….

Never-ever-ever using third party editing companies.  No matter how long our editing queue may be, we will never, ever send our images off to a third party editing company to do our work for us.  That may be what some others do to meat their self-declared deadlines, but it’s not within my belief to have someone else complete my artistic work.  All clients, no matter what time of year they are getting married, will have their images edited by ME.  Quality is key in the fine-art wedding industry.

Shooting less.  I used to accept only a certain number of weddings per year and for a while that was okay… but this year, especially, all the commissions bottlenecked during a certain timeframe leaving me extra busy in some parts of the year and average-busy during others.  Starting immediately we are changing our commissioning system and will only be accepting a limited number of weddings per month.  We will be accepting only 2 weddings per calendar month.  This means the majority of 2015 is now fully booked with only a few available commissions remaining.

Bucket list.  A while back, I wrote up a bucket list of unique Toronto wedding venues that I have been eager to shoot at.  Is Photojournalism right for me? link to article

Continuing Education.  I have taken a considerable number of workshops in the last year and will continue to do so in the future until I feel like I have mastered my craft.  You may have seen my portfolio expand with a variety of unique perspectives and fresh compositions as a result of the continued education.  Workshops help me feel refreshed as an artist and allow me to network with other amazing artists in the area as well as build upon the already existing skills I’ve been using for years.

Engagement sessions.  Complimentary engagement sessions are still being offered to those who book their wedding services with us but due to our increased workload, we are no longer accepting a la carte engagement sessions and cannot make any exceptions to this.

Thank you to everyone for your support during this past year – I wouldn’t be where I am today without each and every one of you!


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