We’re all about capturing the real story of your wedding day with a unique and creative spin. Real emotions. Real reactions. Real events.

We approach a wedding day as a blank canvas; allowing ourselves to be inspired by the events of the day, our connection with the couple and the connection they share with one another. We shoot with purpose; this means we don’t just point our camera and click away – it means that there is forethought and care that goes into every photo we take.

We believe in experience and we believe in continued education; this is why our team consists only of experienced wedding photographers who wore tirelessly to improve their skills year after year.

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In our near-decade of capturing wedding days, we’ve been fortunate enough to capture stories that are so unique and so intimate that even the best authors in the world would stumble over the right words to describe the experience. 

We bring a lot to the table not only on the wedding day itself, but in everything we do to get there right along side you.

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passion is vital

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Experience holds value

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Trust yields great images


Our team of Toronto wedding photographers is one of the most sought-after teams in the city.  With a combined experience of 20 years, the Ten·2·Ten Photography team approaches your wedding day with the utmost care, dedication and artistry.

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Photobooth Manager
Ken is our photobooth manager and primary attendant.
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Owner + Photographer

The creator of Ten·2·Ten Photography began her journey nearly ten years ago and officially started the company in 2008.  Erika has been fortunate enough to be listed at one of the top 30 wedding photographers in Canada as well as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Toronto two years running.  Having recently welcomed her son into the world, Erika shoots a limited number of weddings every year.

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Lead Photographer

Was the first associate to come on board at Ten·2·Ten Photography.  With a background in fine art photography, Sarah’s approach to a wedding day is the same as Erika’s (uninterrupted storytelling) and her background influences the artistry she creates with her images.  Sarah has been a wedding photographer for nearly half a decade and continues to be dedicated to continued education and further honing her skills.

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Our photographers are adaptable, knowledgeable and flexible in any shooting condition and this is reflective in the high quality of product we provide to our clients.

Experience is something we write a lot about on our blog and is a value that we hold dear to our hearts. Weddings are non-repeatable moments in time and for those who truly value their photographic experience, choosing a photographer who is experienced in their craft is a priority.

An experienced photographer not only approaches each wedding day with advanced technical know-how, they are also able to individualize their approach to ensure they tell a story that is unique to the couple and really represents who they are. While we work as a team of photographers, we never have “shot list” that our photographers must follow. Our photographers will capture the couples in line with our style and in a way that is reflective of the individual love story taking place.

That is the difference that experience makes.