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Overcoming Failure: Becoming a Successful Photographer

Overcoming failure is a critical process in becoming a successful photographer.  Many people don’t think about the word ‘failure’ when they’re thinking about the road to success but the truth of the matter is, failure plays a huge role on any new entrepreneurs life.  Knowing how to deal with failure and how to move past and try again is a skill that although necessary, many people have difficulty with.

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Here’s a little advice for new photographers regarding failure and it’s importance in your growth as a professional:

Expect Mistakes:  No one is perfect.  No matter how many wedding photography workshops you take or online lectures you attend, nothing will ever guarantee you a 100% success rate.  Although a vast knowledge base will increase your chances of success, nobody is perfect and you will, at some point, have to face failure.

Remain Calm:  Nothing creates chaos like panic.  Remaining calm when facing failure helps keep your thoughts organized and your communication clear which can help pave a pathway toward future success.

Be Cautious of who you’re Comparing Yourself To:  Every photographer is different in terms of their artistry as well as their business skills.  Yes, there are some photographers, like Jasmine Star, who came storming into the industry with amazing success rather quickly.  I love Jasmine, she’s truly spectacular, but she’s the exception!  Not all photographers get as famous as her and comparing yourself to her is totally unrealistic.  Instead, find a local photographer who you admire and follow them.  Perhaps even see if you can develop a mentorship with them.  Although it’s great to compare yourself to the best-of-the-best, it fosters an unrealistic expectation which can make you feel like you’re failing when you’re really not!

Own your Failures:  So you messed up?  So you didn’t secure a booking?  Did you set your prices too high and no bride wanted to book with you?  Sure those are situations that are all really unfortunate but the first step in coming your failure is to own it.  You have to be able to say “YES.  I MESSED UP.”

Learn from your Failures:  After owning up to your failures, you need to learn from them.  Sit back and critically analyze the situations in which you failed and put an action plan together to help avoid those failures in the future.  There’s no better experience than learning from your mistakes.

Don’t Give Up after your First Attempt:  If you get frusrated by your failures and want to throw in the towel after one or two failures, you’re never going to success.  Although you may feel let down, disappointed and even downright saddened by your failures, you need to promptly pick yourself back up and try again because while you’re sitting there, contemplating whether or not to try again, someone else may sneak in and climb to the top before you!

While starting your photographer business, facing failure is inevitable.  How you choose to handle that failure; however, will determine your future direction and success.

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