{Personal} The Most Amazing Music

I decided this year that I will try to share a bit more of life behind the lens. I spend my career capturing your stories so it’s only fair that I share some of my own stories with you, right?

I had the chance to attend a concert at St. Joseph’s church in Bowmanville today and let tell you… what an amazing bunch of people! There were a huge variety of groups performing including HearthBeats cancer support choir, a female acapella quartet and even a few former opera singers. So just how did I end up here? Yes, I typically shoot weddings… but I can’t say no to my mom and since she was one of the main supports in helping this concert happen, I figured it was only fair to capture some of the great moments from the afternoon.

Please note:   We chose to blog these photos not only as a means of storytelling of the event but as a super easy way to share the photos across the wide variety of organizations involved in the event.  (And as a bonus, did you know that we get an average of 7,000+ views per month on our blog?  I thought it would be neat to share these great groups of people with a few thousand people for some added exposure for our talented concert performers.)  If you are inquiring about photos for print use, please contact us directly using the contact form above and we will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.  Although we had many of our friends and family involved in this event, they are not responsible for photo distribution nor can we guarantee that the information they may have already provided you is accurate.  To ensure consistency of information, please ensure you are getting your information regarding photo use directly from Erika of Ten·2·Ten Photography and not from a third party.  Thank you.

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