mentoring2 - Photography Mentoring: Full

Full mentoring sessions are the perfect fit for an individual who has a few items on their “gotta learn more about this” list and who wants to explore things in much more depth.

Mentoring sessions are 2 hours in length and cover as many topics of your choice during that time period.  Before our sessions begins we’ll learn more about what your learning objectives are by exchanging a few emails and during our session we will offer you advice, answer your questions and be a sounding board for you for any and all questions you may have.  Nothing is off limits!

Full wedding photography mentoring is perfect for an individual who is ready to invest into tailored, custom education.

Full Mentoring Topics

Mentoring sessions are customized to your needs and we’ll learn about what those are by chatting with you before the session.  Some topics, like SEO and Blogging are quite complex and often require more than a single mentoring session if we’re starting from the very basics.

Some of the more popular topics that we discuss during full mentoring sessions include:

Pricing for profit
Growing your business/Working with Associates
Marketing advice
Contract advice
Targeting the right clients for you
Blogging guidance*

SEO advice*
Portfolio/Website reviews
Communicating with clients
Branding and Online presence
Selling albums with success
Educating your clients + growing trust

Let’s Book It!

Fill out the form and we’ll contact you within ~48 hours.  You’re always welcome to follow up directly by emailing [email protected]  When we receive your form we’ll look it over and based on the information provided to us, we’ll contact you for further information or send you a booking form via ShootQ