Contract Contents + Guidelines

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Is your wedding photography contract a little vague?  Is there too much room for interpretation?  Are you relying on copy and pasted elements that you’ve stitched together over the years to create a Franken-contract?  It’s time to think about what the important elements are in a contract and have a custom contract drafted by a laywer.  This digital download includes a full look at all the elements and topic I cover in my contract as well as suggestions and reason/rationale for my decisions.  The full docment includes:  Re-editing, Retrieval Fees + Retouching, Archiving, File Purging + Backups, Copyright + Usage, Turnaround Times, Sneak peeks + Image Count, Exclusivity, Printed Media, Upgrading, Description of services, Permits, Additional Costs + Travel, Liability of the photographer, Late Payments, Attorney fees + Collection, Client OBligations + Understandings, Acknowledgement of Style + Approach, Cancellation, Overtime, Retainer + Payment, Editing, Color + Printing, Safety, Security + Harassment, Vendor Meas + Locations


DISCLAIMER:  Please note this is not a verbatim contract that you can use with clients.  This is elements that I have in my contract; topics and areas of focus that I believe all photographers should be including.  Copy + paste contracts that you can get from the internet are often extremely generic and not necessarily enforceable depending on wording and the laws of your particular state/province.  This guide is designed to contain elements that you should be bringing to your lawyer to have a full and complete contract drafted that is designed for your unique business.