Email Templates for Photographers – Managing Inquiries + Initial Contacts


  1. Initial Inquiry: You’re Available
  2. Initial Inquiry: Get them on the phone
  3. Initial Inquiry: Short + Sweet
  4. Initial Inquiry: They only want prices
  5. Initial Inquiry: You have associated
  6. Initial Inquiry: You’re not available (but will refer)
  7. Initial Inquiry: You’re not available (no referrals)
  8. Client requests elopement coverage on a prime date (Saturday)
  9. Requesting a wedding date too far in advance (18+ months)
  10. Requesting services you don’t offer
  11. Cold Follow up #1
  12. Cold Follow up #2
  13. Warm Follow up #1
  14. Warm Follow up #2
  15. Venue isn’t the right fit
  16. Have you shot at my venue before? (yes)
  17. Have you shot at my venue before? (no)
  18. Client requests to see 2nd shooters portfolio
  19. Date being requested by another couple: Prior to consult/meeting
  20. Client insists on meeting in person for a consult (you don’t do in person)
  21. Client insists on meeting in person for a consult (you agree)
  22. Meeting confirmation: In person
  23. Meeting confirmation: Online
  24. Pre-consult check-in
  25. After consult follow up
  26. Date being requested by another couple: After consult
  27. Sending a contract
  28. Thanks for booking! Let’s get started
  29. Requesting price matching (no)
  30. Requesting price matching (maybe)
  31. When you’re not a good fit (based on email interactions)
  32. When you’re not a good fit (based on consult)
  33. Inquiring if you travel
  34. Requesting destination wedding in exchange for travel
  35. Waiving model release (you agree, no fee)
  36. Waiving model release (you agree, fees associates)
  37. Waiving model release (you do not agree)

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Over the course of the years I’ve spent in business, one of the things I’ve learned is that effective and efficient communication is one of the keys to success.
Finding your voice, as a business owner, can be downright difficult for many.  How do you speak with confidence without coming off as too confident?  How do you approach some of the difficult situations a business person can face in a way that is both understanding and fair to all involved?
I created email templates as a means to help others not only streamline their communication but to provide education to those who need to find their voice or refine the voice that they have.  Learning how to say things, when to say things and why certain things need to be said helps create a solid foundation for future communication skills.
Email templates are easily customized not only with your own content but with your own branding and personal elements because, let’s face it, people don’t want to receive robotic scripts from photographers who claim to want to develop a deep rapport.  These templates can be used as it or customized to fit your brand and your client’s needs but most importantly, they are a tool to help you find your voice and communicate clearly.
This is pack #1: Managing Inquiries + Initial Contacts
How you reply to an email is arguably more important than when you reply.  Why send an auto-responder to deliver an impersonal message that gets delivered in seconds (hello?!? clearly a robot!) when you can create a series of beautiful templates that are easily customizable on-the-spot, a start building your client rapport right away?  A great way to increase your booking rate!


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