Professional Wedding Reception Photography – Losing Memories to Save some Pennies

It’s understandable that every bride and groom is on some type of a budget.  Actually, come to think of it, I have never once in my career met a bride and groom who haven’t had a budget to work with.  When a couple has a tight wedding budget, they often start thinking of the things they can “skimp” on in order to save money; however, they should be prioritizing the important aspects of their wedding day that they want to invest in.  Changing your perspective from ‘skimping’ to ‘investing’ when dealing with a budget helps couples keep the truly important parts of their wedding day in focus.

I often meet clients who are concerned about budget and, when looking at the packages available and price differences between them, ask me if I think they “really need” reception coverage.  My answer to them is this:

Deciding on whether or not to have reception coverage is a very personal decision that only the couple should make.   It should be made not based on budgetary constraints but based on the importance the couple places on capturing the unique and candid moments that only reception photography can achieve.

Unlike the more traditional and posed photos that you take earlier in the day with your closest friends and family members, reception photography provides truly candid coverage of not only your closest pals but nearly every guest at your wedding!  Candid reception photos can tell the story of your evening in the same way that video can.  The hugs and kisses, smiles, and even tears of joy are captured alongside the dancing, laughter, and playfulness on the dance floor.  The adorable little flower girl spinning around on the dance floor and showing off her ballerina moves, your stoic dad finally shedding a tear or two during the dance with the bride, your energetic and party-loving cousins leading the way on the dance floor – these are all unique and special moments in your wedding day and for many couples, it’s very important for them to capture these memories.


Aside from the plethora of candid shots reception coverage results in, reception coverage also allows your photographer a chance to capture the unique details and decor of your wedding celebration: the cake that you spent months designing, the place cards that you hand wrote, and the centerpieces that you and your bridesmaids spent weeks creating.  Little details can be just as important as candid photos as they help in the storytelling of not only your wedding day but your personality and style!


It’s normal to be on a budget when planning a wedding and it’s often quite difficult to decide how to use your wedding budget wisely.  The difference in price between having wedding reception photography coverage and not is often quite negligible when compared to the overall budget.  Your wedding day memories cannot be recreated which is why I always advise my clients to think of their wants as well as their budget and to then prioritize the budget to reflect what is truly important to them.

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