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Propeller Coffee Wedding

Andrea + Daniel chose a Propeller Coffee wedding for a few reasons; not only does it have a naturally amazing esthetic, but a coffee bar was the perfect compliment to an afternoon intimate wedding gathering. Not all weddings have to be dancefloors and open bars – there are so many ways to celebrate the union of two individuals and I absolutely adore that these two embraced going off the beaten path.

Having a Propeller Coffee wedding means you’re likely having an intimate wedding; it’s one of many small wedding venues in Toronto. While you certainly won’t be fitting 300+ people into this intimate coffee shop, the people that you can fit in will have an amazing experience. One of the things you’ll notice about this wedding is that the guests are truly engaged with each other. This wedding is about togetherness – it’s not about sitting still and listening to speeches and going through formalities. This is the kind of wedding where all your guests – and you too – leave feeling so fulfilled.

Let’s have a peek at what it’s like to be intimate wedding photographers and dive into Andrea + Daniel’s wedding day:

I think one of the nicest things about having a Propeller Coffee wedding is that once your guests are gone, you have the space to yourself for a second amazing photoshoot. It’s such a beautiful space with great lighting, good texture and amazing reflections. What better way to wind down after your wedding day than with a few moments together with your new spouse simply enjoying married life?

Tips for having a Propeller Coffee Wedding

  1. Have a half+half ceremony; half sitting and half standing. There’s no rules saying that your guests need to all be seated and in fact, having guests standing allows for more opportunities to catch moments and reactions going on at the back!
  2. Don’t skimp on the speakers during your ceremony. A lot of folks plan quick 10 minute ceremonies – but the ceremony is what the whole day is about! Have your friends and loved ones speak during your ceremony; it will become amazing memories and fantastic candid photos
  3. Start your day off with a casual coffee. You don’t need a big fancy “Grand entrance” to start your day; you can arrive in a low-key fashion just like Andrea did and enjoy a coffee with your fam before the days events begin. The wholesome level of this wedding day was through the roof; there’s no doubt everyone appreciated how much quality time they got to spend with each other.

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