A while back, I wrote an article called “Questions to Ask your Photographer” and addressed some of the major questions that we are frequently asked during interviews.  I did this, however, in point form.  While I’m happy I wrote that article, I’m finding myself elaborating on the answers to those questions time and time again.  It seems like point form wasn’t enough.  Time to roll up my sleeves and and get into a bit more details when it comes to questions to ask your wedding photographer during an interview – and most importantly, what the answers mean to YOU.

toronto wedding photographer 1 3 - Questions to Ask Your Photographer // Part 1
Image by Toronto wedding photographer Ten·2·Ten Photography (www.ten2tenphotography.com) ©2015

Q: Who edits the photos?  Is it an intern or another company or do you do all of it yourself?

A:  The basis of this question isn’t so much around WHO edits the photos, but rather what QUALITY of photos will they receive based on who edits.

Some photographers choose to do all of their own editing while others work closely with an editor or an editing company.  Editing companies come in all varieties.  There are the cheap companies (and you can tell by the lackluster work they produce) and there are the WOW-factor companies that do a superb, high-quality job like The Image Salon.  The main difference is the cost.  If a photographer chooses to outsource their editing to a really great company, they may end up with an invoice that is 3-4 times the cost of the “discount” company.

But quality matters more than profit, right?

Well – that, in all honesty, depends on your photographer.

If your photographer prides themselves on quality, there’s a good chance they are using quality editors to help complete their work.  They have worked closely with their editor to ensure that their style is 100% reflected in the final product and that even the smallest tweaks and adjustments are taken are factored in with care.  Editing is as much an art as it is a technical skill – those who are trained, full-time editors and have been lucky enough to be employed by some of the top editing companies do fantastic job.  That being said, even when a photographer uses an editing company, those who are concerned about quality will always go over the images one more and add any fine tuning they feel necessary once they get the images back.

If a photographer chooses a new, semi-trained intern or a discount company to edit the photos then you may have issues in quality and/or consistency.  If the person doing the editing isn’t trained as thoroughly as those from the well-known labs, the client will ultimately be the one who suffers as their photos will be sub-par.

Regardless of who edits the photos, it’s crucial that your photographer is open about whether the images that are displayed on their website are reflective of the quality of image you’ll receive.  Always ask your photographer to see a full gallery of images so that you can see what their work looks like throughout the day.

Is it a bad thing for a photographer to outsource their edits?  In my opinion – no, it’s not a bad thing… so long as the editor chosen produces images that are as high in quality (or higher!) than the photographer can produce and the photographer gives the images a quick once-over for quality control when they return from being edited.