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Rainy Day Backyard Wedding

Have you ever wondered what to do if it rains on your wedding day? When all of a sudden your intimate outdoor wedding becomes a rainy day backyard wedding there’s really only one thing you can do: you freaking ROCK IT anyways!

As a Toronto wedding photographer I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in all kinds of venues. I’ve shot ballroom weddings in all kinds of places like banquet halls, in a historic castle, a coffee shop and even in a fermenting cellar – but there’s always going to be a special place in my heart for backyard weddings. Backyard weddings really bring you back to the heart and soul of what a wedding is really about: joining of friends and families to celebrate a lifetime of love together. A wedding doesn’t need a ballroom, or centerpieces or fog machines and spotlights – it needs people. That’s what this rainy day backyard wedding had and when you’re going through the photos, you see the smiling faces and happy people so much more than you see the rain.

As you’re looking through the gallery, can you tell when you first noticed the rain? It came in fast and furious! Let’s take a peek….

What to Do if it Rains on your Wedding Day

  1. Start off by making sure that you have a photography location that is rain-proof. This is going to fix about 75% of the stress you’re dealing with!
  2. Do like Marilyn and Terry and accept that you’re going to get wet at some point. Whether it’s from wind blowing rain under a covred area or walking around on wet ground – accepting that a bit of water is going to get on you is going to help ensure that you allow yourself the gift of still being focused on the day itself rather than being pre-occupied with each and every drop of water. (Trust me, your body language and pre-occupation with the rain will absolutely be reflected in your candid photos!)
  3. Move tables and get creative! Sure it may get a little cozy – but this is how you roll with the punches of a wedding day!
  4. If you have the opportunity to put a few extra plans in place before the wedding day: get a tent size larger than you anticipate you’ll need. This will help ensure that guests are far enough away from the edges. Also get some extra large umbrellas for guests to use as they go in/out of the rainy areas!

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