As many of you know, I prefer to advertise via word-of-mouth and using budget-friendly services such as Kijiji.  I had just posted an ad on Kijiji when I immediately got an email from Randy who was in search for a Toronto wedding photographer.  Randy, a wedding minister, had found the woman of his dreams and had just proposed to her!  They set their date and were ready to hire one of the most important vendors – the photographer!  I was absolutely smitten with Randy and Marlise after meeting them.  Their love for each other is so strong – what a perfect couple!

The only problem we faced was trying to schedule an engagement session!  Why was it a problem?  Because they wanted to use their photos as part of their invitations and the invitations needed to go out only three weeks from our first meeting!  Lucky for them, I’m always up to a challenge.  We found some time in our schedules and set a date for the e-shoot immediately.  The morning of the shoot; however, it was pouring rain!  Good thing we had a backup plan!

An outdoor shoot must have been meant to be for Randy and Marlise because just after this shot was taken the rain dissapeared!  So we hopped onto the sudway and headed over to the University of Toronto campus for some stunning architectural backgrounds!


Randy helped pull a few string to get us inside Trinity College.  Of all the places to photograph at UofT, the inside quad of Trinity College is one of my faves!  We finished off our day with some stunning shots at Trinity College with the sun shining brightly and not a drop of rain in the sky!


Looking forward to your wedding, Randy and Marlise!  And for those readers who are curious about the invitations… yes, we got them out on time!