Ravine Vineyard wedding photos

Ravine Vineyard Wedding Photos

I adore these Ravine Vineyard wedding photos; not only because the epic tent and outdoor reception were beautiful, but because Jo and Kevin are just the sweetest couple – you can tell how much Kevin loves Jo just by taking one look at his smile. Grooms don’t get enough love in the wedding industry; so I really wanted this blog article to showcase the fact that a groom is just as much a part of a wedding day as a bride and that each and all people getting married that day, their friends and their families are VIPs and worthy of beautiful portraits and candid images.

You’ll noticed in these Ravine Vineyard wedding photos, that there are two sets of “portraits” – daytime and sunset. It’s important that couples spend their wedding day with their guests and aren’t away for hours doing photos. Kevin + Jo did a few photos post-ceremony but what was more important to them was to greet each and every one of their guests before the reception. We added to their photo collection by sneaking away for a few minutes as the sun set and achieved some killer sunset portraits for them.

There’s no right or wrong way to have a wedding – do what makes you happy! I hope you love these Ravine Vineyard wedding photos as much as I do!



Ravine Vineyard Wedding Photos Tips

  • The reception tent is spacious, so you have not only room for a dancefloor but also for a photobooth! Many photobooths can operate outdoors, including ours – it’s always a perfect addition to your reception.
  • The cellar makes for lovely, warm and intimate photographs – but not all photographers thrive in a place that dark. If you’re thinking of having a Ravine vineyard wedding, make sure you hire a photographer who is well suited to working in low-light conditions in order to optimize the return on your investment in that artist.
  • There’s not a lot of shade in the vineyard – which is common for vineyards – so make sure to make time for sunset photos. The light is so sweet and perfect and allows you to use areas of the property that you wouldn’t otherwise get to use due to harsh light.
  • Have the bonfire! Do it… DO IT! It’s such a sweet and romantic way to end your reception – what’s better than being gathered around a fire?? It’s most certainly a must!

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