Wow.  Another year has passed already… and what a year it has been!  As I’m wrapping up my final orders for the 2011 year, I wanted to take a few minute to sit down and reflect on what a journey this year has been.

Our workload this year has been intense.  That’s both a good and a bad thing.  It’s good because I got to meet so many truly amazing couples and their wonderful families!  I love meeting new people – it’s one of the best parts of the job!  I also had a chance to continue expanding my portfolio with exquisite shots taken at some of the regions nicest locations like the Royal York Hotel here in Toronto and the Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener/Waterloo.  Workload can be a not-so-good thing when it comes to friends and family, though!  My poor friends, family and my dearest husband have been very patient this year as they have been constantly wait for me to finish “just one more edit” so that they can spend some quality time with me.  (As many of you know, I also treat Cancer Patients at one of Toronto’s leading hospitals so that takes up a fair chunk of time in my week, too!)

I made a big announcement a few months back; I decided to exclusively shoot weddings.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn away quite a few maternity/newborn/family clients since I made this announcement and that’s lead me to reconsider my decision.  I really do miss family and baby photography as they are amazingly fun sessions.  Although I’m not going to officially start offering the service again, I may very well give away one or two of these coveted portrait sessions in a contest during the upcoming year.

Starting in 2012, I will be limiting the amount of clients I accept.  Why?  Because my poor husband, who has  been truly magnificent in dealing with my ever-increasing workload, deserves some time with me too!  Limiting the amount of weddings I take will ensure that all of my clients have 100% of my attention at all times and that they get they continue to get top quality images of their special day.  I can’t tell you exactly how many weddings I will take on, as workload will vary depending on the types of packages people book (full day vs. half day coverage) and what months the weddings will be occurring in; however, I can approximate the number to be between 10-12.  So how can you ensure that I’m available for your wedding?  BOOK NOW!

Many clients will like this: I’m heading into 2012 with 2nd shooters in mind!  Although all of my packages still include coverage by 1 photographer (yours truly), I now have several new and seasoned professionals who are willing to work with my clients as a 2nd shooter.  These photographers have their own rates associated with them and generally vary from about $1,000 to $3,000 depending on their level of experience and the amount of work required by them.  I also have several students who offer their work for free, as they are still building their portfolio.

Finally, the biggest most exciting announcement for 2012 will be….*drum roll please*… we’re getting a fancy schmancy new website!  I’ve been working very hard developing and designing a brand new flash/html/mobile version of a new website that will be debuting very very soon!  I wanted a website that showcased my work in a clean, simple, elegant and easy to navigate manner so I’m really looking forward to the feedback I receive once it goes live!

To my family, friends and my super-awesome husband: THANK YOU!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so understanding when it came to dealing with my busy schedule!  I know I missed out on a lot this year as I spent almost every weekend working, but with a change in the workload, I will have a life again, I promise!  A very special thank you goes out to my clients and their families!  Thank you for choosing Ten·2·Ten photography to capture your wedding memories!  I absolutely loved being able to share time with you and capture your special moments.  Without my clients, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I wish everyone a joyous holiday season and happy New Year!