mentoring1 - Resolution Consultant

Conflict.  It’s what we, as business owners, fear.  We fear it because it means confrontation, we fear it because it means difficult conversations, we fear it because it makes us vulnerable not only as business owners but as individuals.  I’m here to help you navigate through these difficult situations; I’m your resolution consultant.

Together we will formulate email responses to create a resolution to your problem; we’ll analyze the situation and find the best solution for your business that includes taking your own values into account.  We’ll walk you through the chaos of your situation and help you sleep better at night with the security of a resolution consultant on your side.

How does it work & what’s covered?

When you’re faced with a challenging or delicate situation that you want to navigate through with the utmost professionalism while maintaining your values and not sacrificing your time or product, contact us!  We’ll start with a consultation and overview of the situation as well as a discussion on how you would like to see the situation resolve as well as where your boundaries are.  From there we will formulate a plan and craft an email response to you that you can revise before sending.  The fee for this service is $150 + HST. For continued support on the topic, if needed, we can extend on consultation services at the hourly rate of $40/hr.

Some of the topics we have consulted on in the past include:

Responding to unsatisfied clients

Letting a client go/firing a client

Clients who aren’t happy with their photos

Clients who don’t respect your boundaries

Clients who want full or partial refunds

How to approach vendors who have stolen images

How to manage a vendor who is pushing boundaries

How to educate vendors about image use

Dealing with + responding to negative reviews

Let’s Book It!

Fill out the form and we’ll contact you within ~48 hours.  You’re always welcome to follow up directly by emailing [email protected]  When we receive your form we’ll look it over and based on the information provided to us, we’ll contact you for further information or send you a booking form via ShootQ