liuna station wedding

Liuna Station Wedding

You know when your day starts with a bride and her cat, the rest of the day will be amazing. As a “crazy cat lady” myself, I’m always overjoyed when I get to see pets during the clients morning wedding prep. The day started with kitty snuggles and finished with the romance of a first dance in a historic ballroom – is truly was a perfect day and I’m so thankful to have been a part of R+C’s Liuna Station wedding.

3 Tips for having a Liuna Station Wedding

  1. The ballroom; whether on the main floor or the lower level, is extremely dark. Make sure that you’re working with a photographer who is comfortable in low light.
  2. If you’re opting for a receiving line, try not to have your back to the windows as this creates a silhouette effect. While photographers can work around this, your guests will actually have a hard time taking photos there (and guests LOVE taking selfies with you during receiving lines).
  3. Make time for sunset photos. Liuna Station itself is absolutely stunning but it’s super bright during the day with virtually no shade. You also risk having folks in the background during the day if there are multiple weddings taking place; so the trick is to take night photos or sunset photos at the front of the building. This way you get the amazing architecture of the building in perfect conditions for photography!

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