The Secret Life of a Wedding Photographer

Although the vast majority of my posts are geared towards bridal education or photography advice for new photographers, today’s post is being written from a personal perspective.  Today, I want to share with you the secret life of a wedding photographer.

The first time you pick up a camera, the first time you click the shutter, the first time you see a bride cry tears of joy after seeing her photos… these are moments that stay with you forever.  As a wedding photographer, I take an incredible amount of pride in my job.  I provide newlyweds with amazing memories of one of the most special days of their lives; memories that are sure to become family heirlooms as wedding albums get passed down through generations.  Simply put, I love ‘love’!

Being a wedding photographer; however, can definitely cause a few ripples when it comes to trying to still maintain your relationships with friends and family.  Shooting weddings means that you’re working nearly every single Saturday in the spring, summer and fall (and occasionally throughout the winter months, too).  Shooting weddings means that you go to bed early on Friday nights and wake up sore, exhausted and even bruised on Sunday’s.  Shooting weddings means that you actually have your life planned out up to 18 months ahead of time; having reserved yourself for wedding days in the distant future.

Shooting weddings means that you meet with clients on a regular basis; it means that you’re shooting engagement sessions and editing those images (along with the hundreds that come after the wedding, too!).  Shooting weddings means that you’re networking with other wedding professionals, marketing your business and skills and interviewing second shooters, assistants and interns.  Shooting weddings means that you’re designing albums and going back to make changes after the proofing session… or sessions.  Shooting weddings means that you spend time blogging about every single photographic adventure you have; partly to add to your portfolio and partly for marketing.

Finally, shooting weddings means that you are responsible for someone’s memories of a very important day; a day that most brides never get to repeat.  Shooting weddings means that you are responsible for the memories of one of life’s most beloved and cherished events.  Shooting weddings means that you need to be dedicated to your craft, you put your whole heart – and then some – into every shot you take and every image you edit.

Being a wedding photographer is a tremendous amount of work; but, to be honest with you – I genuinely love it.  As I grew up I heard the following proverb:

find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life

… after finding wedding photography, I can say that that statement if 110% truthful.  I love ‘love’ and I love capturing moments of pure joy and excitement.  I love being a wedding photographer.

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