Inspiring places

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inspiring places - Bucket list

We love weddings; there’s no doubt about that. But as artists, we gain inspiration from new surroundings and new adventures. There are certain places in and around Toronto as well as certain details and styles of weddings we have been longing to shoot. You’d think after almost 11+ years in the industry that we would have been everywhere, but Toronto and southern Ontario has just so much to offer!

So if your wedding day takes place at one of the locations below or is a fit to a theme below, you may be eligible for a $200 print credit that can be used towards any A la Carte wall prints, acrylics or canvases as well as towards an A la Carte album.

Bucket list credits are available only to the first client to secure at the location!

Is your location on
the “bucket list”?

There are certain locations or themes of wedding that are on our bucket list.  What does this mean to you?  Well, it means that you’re privy to either a print credit or free professional products if your location is on our list.


  • Aria Ristorante
  • Auberge Du Pommier
  • Bannock
  • Brassai
  • Caffino
  • Camera Bar
  • Canoe
  • Cluny Bistro
  • Collette Grand Cafe
  • George Restaurant
  • Jump Restaurant
  • Le Select Bistro
  • Luma
  • Malaparte
  • Marben
  • Steam Whistle Brewery
  • Stratus
  • The Chase
  • The Fifth Events


  • Alderlea Mansion
  • Belcroft Estate
  • Hernder Estate
  • Honsberger Estate
  • Inn on the Twenty
  • Maplehurst Inn & Carriage
  • House
  • Nestleton Waters Inn
  • Nestleton Waters Inn
  • Old Stone Inn
  • Paletta Mansion
  • Parkwood Estate
  • Queen's Landing
  • Roseville Estate
  • Terra Cotta Inn
  • Willowbank


  • Drake Hotel
  • Four Seasons
  • Gladstone Hotel
  • King Edward Hotel
  • One King West


  • Airship37
  • Argo Rowing Club
  • Arts + Letters Club
  • Berkeley Bicycle Club
  • Berkeley Field House
  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club
  • The Spoke Club
  • The Storys Building
  • The University of Toronto Club
  • Wychwood Barns


  • AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)
  • Gardiner Museum
  • ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)


  • Angus Glen
  • Eagle's Nest


  • Alton Mills Art Center
  • George Brown House
  • Hart House (U of T)
  • The Burroughs
  • Toronto Reference Library
  • Trinity College


  • Grange of Prince Edward
  • Inn on the Twenty
  • Peninsula Ridge
  • The Good Earth Winery
  • Vineland Estates


  • Century Barn
  • Cherry Avenue Farms
  • Fields on West Lake
  • Pine Valley Chalet
  • Wildwood Manor Ranch


Aside from photographing full day weddings in the locations listed above, we are also looking to book more fine-art inspired intimate backyard/cottage weddings (small guest lists; less than 30 people with a super relaxed feeling to them) and detail-inspired weekday elopements.  These types are weddings may be eligible for our bucket list promotion.

Toronto is a
spectacular city

With a seemingly infinite amount of parks, architecture and gardens to use as backgrounds for your wedding or engagement photos.  There are; however, some photography locations in Toronto that are much more unique than others.

My clients often request unique and original locations for their sessions and I’m always happy to provide them a list of photography locations in Toronto.  Unfortunately, as a photographer who loves new and exciting venues, I find that I’m shooting in the same locations over and over again.  Why is that?  Honestly… because of permits.  The cost of weddings can soar unexpectedly for a lot of couples and when faced with the possibility of paying for a photography permit, the majority of clients often change their mind about their location and choose something that is free.

toronto2 - Bucket list
toronto - Bucket list

Don’t get me wrong, I still love shooting in these locations and I gather part of my inspiration from my relationship with my clients and their relationship with each other but I do; however, gather inspiration and feel a refreshing surge of energy when I get to photograph in new locations.

Photographing a couple in a new and exciting location is the equivalent of Christmas for me.  So, like any child whose anxiously anticipating Christmas, I decided to write a wish list.  Although there are many amazing photo locations in Toronto other than what’s in this list, the following is a list of places I wish I could photograph a wedding in or at.

black star - Bucket list

If you’re getting married (or know someone who is getting married) at any of the following locations, let me know!  I would be delighted to chat with you/them and see how we can work as a team to help get you the services you’re looking for while I too, would get to cross a location off my bucket list.

If you’re looking for a location for engagement photos and are considering one of the locations below, contact me.  Although my bucket list is meant for weddings, I do have a little special incentive in mind for those who are considering taking engagement photos at any of these locations (although preference is given to those who have full day events at the locations listed)

decoration - Bucket listTORONTO WEDDING

Q: When should we book you?

A: We accept a limited number of commissions each month, with the summer months typically booking up first. We typically secure our bookings about 12 to 15 months in advance but are always happy to if your date is earlier than that! (Who knows, you may luck out and have your date available!)

Q: Do your prices include tax?

A: No, our prices do not include tax the same way that when you look at a pricetag at a store, the tax will be added at the register.  All prices are subject to HST as per Ontario Law.

Q: Can you recommend locations in Toronto for photography?

A:  Absolutely!  We are experts when it comes to knowing all the beautiful nooks and crannies of the city.  Most of the truly spectacular places do require a permit, though, so make sure you factor in a teensy-weensy portion of your overall wedding budget for permits if you’re opting for one of these awesome locations.

Q: Why do I have to pay extra for a second photographer?

A: Although the industry standard is for photographers to contract new photographers as second shooters (often times ones they have never even met before), we choose to work with established, professional photographers when partnering up on a wedding day. We’ve worked side-by-side for years and can anticipate each others every move. We believe the quality of our product, whether it’s coming from the primary shooter or the second shooter, should be consistent and meet your every expectation.

Learn a little more about second shooters here.

Q: Can I purchase the RAW images?

A:  Raw images are not usable images – at least to a client.  Raw images need to be processed in order to create a final image.  Part of our job is to process the images, perfect them and create a finished product.  Asking your photographer for the RAW files is like asking your cake vendor for an extra bag of flour, on the side.  It’s only a partial ingredient in the overall product and means nothing on it’s own.  Clients often ask for RAW photos because they think they are a higher quality image than JPEGs; truth is, many professional printing companies require you to submit your images via JPEG.  There’s nothing wrong with high res JPEGs; they are awesome quality images and will produce beautiful prints.

Q: How many images will I get?

A:  On average, you can estimate around 50-60 images per hour of shooting (so around 800 ish for a full day wedding with 2 photographers); sometimes more sometimes less.  I will never give a guarantee of a certain number of images because it varies wildly from wedding to wedding.  Image count depends on how much time we’re actually shooting (and not traveling), the amount of detail to be photographed, the amount of time we have to photos, the amount of locations we have available to us for photos, the willingness of the subjects to be photographed as well as any restrictions placed on us by venues (ie: some ceremonies do not allow any photo taking until the mass is finished).  What I can tell you, though, is that we spend the day with our eyes practically glued to the viewfinder of our cameras.  As we’re capturing one moment, we’re looking for the next.

Q: Why does the cost of wedding photography vary so much between photographers?

A: The cost of wedding photography is kind of like fingerprints – it’s different for everyone (or in this case, every photographers). Take a quick peek at this article as it details a breakdown of the cost of your photography package. As you can see, there are so many variables in the mix that it’s next to impossible for you to compare 2 photographers to each other – you simply can’t compare apples to oranges.

What we can say; however, is that some photographers (especially those who are first starting out) may be cutting costs in certain areas. Insurances, extra harddrives and online storage for backing up files, professional level backup gear – these things are all part of a photographer’s cost of doing business. If you’ve found someone whose price seems too good to be true, it might be because something is missing behind-the-scenes that could put your images at risk.