graffiti alley wedding photos

The Burroughes Building Wedding Photos

I can’t tell you what I love more about The Burroughes Building wedding photos that Lea took for Giselle & Tyson; it could be the rooftop at sunset, it could be the moody lighting or maybe it’s the stop we made at graffiti alley and the subsequent smoke bombs – either way, this day was truly epic.

One of the best things about being a documentary style wedding photographer is that you get to roll with whatever energy your clients are bringing to the day. Giselle was hoping for a Vogue magazine cover feel to a few of her images so with her excitement and enthusiasm, we helped her channel her vision into a reality. Being a documentary photographer doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t help with posing; but it does mean that we flow with the vibe our clients have and help them achieve the story they want to tell. Documentary style photos will always reflect who you are as an individual. They are not cookie cutter poses or repetitive frames, they’re snapshots of your personality and this is exactly what Giselle + Tyson’s wedding shows.

3 Tips for Taking the Burroughes Building wedding photos

  1. Use the rooftop. Make sure you rent rooftop access because it is the icing on the cake for what makes your experience at The Burroughes Building so grand.
  2. Make time for portraits in the building. The rooftop is phenomenal, but there are so many different vibes you can get inside The Burroughes Building too. From modern and crisp white walls, moody lighting and their iconic brick wall, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Use a backdrop for your ceremony to help diffuse the light. There is so much beautiful natural light within the building that ceremonies are a dream to photograph… when there’s a backdrop to help diffuse the light. Without a background, the windows can backlight you and your photographer will likely have to pop their flash which will change the vibe a little. Giselle + Tyson got it 100% with their strategic use of beautiful decor!

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