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The Importance of Photography Workshops & Continuing Education

Whether you’re a workshop person, a seminar gal or an online class kind of guy – the importance of photography workshops & continuing education is an asset in not only becoming but maintaining your status as a great photographer.

The day you choose to stop learning is the day you should be putting down your camera.

As photographers, especially photographers who are providing a service to a paying client, it is our duty to ensure that our skills are always at their peak; that we are constantly pushing our own boundaries and getting out of our comfort zones to experiement with something different.

ten2tenphotography quotes about education from henry steele commager

5 Amazing Reasons why Continuing Education is a Necessity in the Photography Industry

  1. It let’s you get your ‘geek’ on!  Sitting down at a seminar or attending a workshop with people who share your craft allows you the chance to not only network but to simply interact with those whose passion is the same as yours!  It’s refreshing for the mind and for the spirit.
  2. Become an expert & raise the bar: Wedding photography, regardless of the city you live in, is incredibly competitive.  Every year more and more average Joe’s buy a “fancy camera” and try to get a couple of bucks for shooting weddings.  As a professional, you should want to set the bar higher and higher in your own industry as a way to show your clients that quality does, in fact, matter.  Becoming an industry expert and doing everything you can to master your craft will only benefit you and your industry in the long run.
  3. You’ll sound more professional & present yourself that way:  There are a lot of talented photographers out there who have paid big bucks to have a professional bio written for their website and have had a designer create a “brand” for them.  Online, they present as amazing but the minute you meet them in person the conversation is filled with “errr…” and “umm…” and the big ol’ cloud of lack-of-confidence hangs over the whole room.  As you master your craft and gain skills you will inherently become more confident and this will show in the way you present yourself and commnicate with others.
  4. Confidence booster!  Attending a workshop or a seminar that involves live feedback of yourself and your work can be that confidence booster you really need to help you get over the next few hurdles.
  5. Regain your Passion.  Let’s face it, every photographer suffers from photography burnout.  Whether it’s because you’ve shot 25 weddings over the span of 15 weeks or have cleaned newborn spit-up off your expensive backgrounds more times than you can remember or whether it’s because your countless hours on Pinterest have made you feel like there’s always someone better out there – everyone can suffer from burnout and it’s understandable.  One of the best ways to get over that burned out feeling is to go back to the beginning – finding your passion again and letting it guide your actions, your thoughts and your inspirations.  Workshops as well as seminars are a wonderful way to help you find that passion again.




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