Tips for Intimate Wedding Photos

3 Tips for Intimate Wedding Photos

Everyone knows how to smile and say cheese; but capturing more intimate and deep-feeling photos is a totally different approach. If there are a few things we’ve learned in our 13+ years as a Toronto wedding photographer, it’s how to work with a wide variety of couples and evoke as much emotion as possible. While every couple has a different story, intimate wedding photos are almost always an amazing compliment into the wedding album. After all – you don’t need 700 photos of yourself laughing, right? We’ve put together our best tips for taking intimate wedding photos and as a bonus, this all applies to engagement photos too.

Tips for Intimate Wedding Photos

#1 – Mindset

Intimate photos don’t just happen because a photographer puts you into a certain pose. You can be in a technically perfect pose but without the mindset change, your body language will say more than any pose ever will.

Taking intimate wedding photos means opening up to a wee bit of vulnerability. It means letting yourself truly be present with your partner to soak up all of the emotions and energy surrounding you. I know that sounds wayyyy too fluffy for my normal tone and approach but sometimes when you’re dealing with deep feelings you need to accept a bit of fluff.

When you go into your wedding day, or into your engagement session, you need to think of it as a time to be present with your partner and build memories together. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to dig deep for those feelings. It’s okay to let the emotion overwhelm you. When you reach deep for those feelings, your body language will become more intimate with your partner. You’ll hold them closer, your bodies will fit more snugly together, and the candid moments of unscripted love will be present.

… but you need to be willing to adopt the mindset of feeling deeply.

#2 – Location

Another tip for intimate wedding photos is to be extremely selective with your locations – especially your wedding photography locations. Choosing popular city parks surrounded by dozens of onlookers isn’t exactly going to help you achieve the mindset you need to form those intimate connections. Ditty for if your location includes people that you know too! This means that having family members or the wedding party stick around for your couples photos isn’t a great idea.

Choosing a quiet, peaceful, and private location is key for creating intimate photos. The location should include places not only to stand but to sit and even lay down. Couches, chairs, pillows, and blankets – all can be amazing additions for setting you up for an intimate shoot.

#3 – The Right Fit

Getting into the mindset of deep feelings and intimate connections isn’t easy for everyone – it doesn’t always come naturally and that’s totally okay. This is part of what makes a Toronto Wedding Photographer (or any wedding photographer you’re working with) worth their weight in gold. A great photographer will not only have an esthetic that you like, but they’ll also have the skills to work with you and help you get comfortable and confident.

By using different prompt techniques, shooting from a distance, and pre-session prep, your photographer’s skill is a vital component to achieving intimate wedding photos.

Tips for Intimate Wedding Photos

Bonus: Tips for Intimate Wedding Photos

Write letters to each other as a part of your wedding day and take time to read them to each other. This is such an intimate and emotional thing to do and a necessary quiet break on an otherwise (beautifully) chaotic wedding day. If your videographer team has asked you to write letters for the purposes of voiceovers and film narrative, work together with your photo + video team to ensure that you’re reading them to each other instead of separate for much more impact.

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