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Toronto Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

One of the things I love most about being a Toronto newborn lifestyle photographer is that I get to photograph not only parents with their sweet little ones, but I get to photograph an awful lot of pets who are still getting to know their new little humans. There are a lot of newborn lifestyle photography sessions that have involved dogs, but this session is a little bit closer to my heart: there was a cat! If you know me at all, you know that I’m a crazy cat lady with a relatively “famous” internet cat (Hercules). So when I made friends with a typically standoffish cat at this session, I made it my goal to coax the kitty into at least a few frames, too.

Toronto Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Tips

Pet Edition

  • Pets are a perfect (or purrfect?) edition to your session. Whether it’s cats or dogs or multiple of each – your fur babies are a part of your family too and it’s wonderful to include them in your session.
  • If you’re looking to capture the exact moment of your pet meeting your baby make sure to discuss that with your photographer. You know your pet best and we trust your judgement, but be prepared for the moment to not go exactly as you may have imagined. Animals and babies are unpredictable!
  • I personally recommend making sure that your pets have had time to interact with the baby in the days prior to the session rather than to introduce them during the session, especially if you want your pet to be a part of the session. It’s not uncommon for pets to feel anxiety with a new person in the house (even if it’s a baby!) and giving everyone time to adjust will be for the best.
  • Some people think that dogs are generally “more photogenic” than cats because they typically take direction better and can sit/stay in certain locations for photos. Personally I love the chaotic nature of cats and am totally up to the challenge of getting your kitty in your family photos!

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