Wow!  Today is the anniversary of our first-ever blog post and what a year it has been!  I am so proud of this blog and I’m so happy to know that so many people are reading it and following it regularly!

Unlike many other photographers who use their blog solely to showcase photos, I love using my blog to write and to share advice and tips with brides as well as fellow photographers.  I often get emails from readers about some of the articles I’ve posted and I figure now is a good time to share some of the feedback I’ve received.

Back in in November of 2011 I wrote an article geared to brides to address the issue of hiring a second photographer on your wedding day.  Although there are some reasons to genuinely need a second photographer, many brides are being made to feel (through various shows, magazines and blogs) that they need a second photographer or they’ll hate their photos.  This simply isn’t fair to solo photographers or to brides who are mindful of their budget.  I received an email a few days later from Anna – a Boston area bride who happened to stumble upon my article while doing research for her own wedding.  Anna emailed me saying:

“Dear Ten2Ten,
Thank you so much for writing this article!  My fiance and I have been trying to find a photographer for a while but we weren’t sure on whether or not we needed two.  I’ve done a lot of reading – especially in wedding mags – and it seems like everyone has two photographers.  Even the photographers we’ve talked to want us to hire a second shooter from them and we just don’t have the budget for it.  We are starting to feel like if we don’t have two photographers that we won’t like our photos.  Thank you for taking the time to write about this – it’s nice to know that some people are looking out for the bride instead of just trying to up-sell services!”

Earlier this year I also wrote an article about wedding albums!  Just what are modern brides doing with their wedding photos?  Well, I found out – and I told the world!  (Or at least the 2,000+ people a month that read this blog!)  Out of all the articles I’ve written this year, this is the one that got the most response from people!  Here’s an excerpt from an email got an email from one of my Facebook Fans, Gillian, saying:

“Loved the article about the albums!  You’re SO right!  I got married 4 years ago and our photographer offered us a CD so we bought it thinking we could do so much with it.  Yeah… that never happened LOL! [sic]  We still haven’t made any kind of album, book or prints and we barely even look at the CD anymore because it’s just not convenient.  Kind of wish I would have just bought the album right away but now that we have kids, it’s hard to justify.”

Gillian totally hit the nail on the head!  Life goes on after your wedding.  Houses get bought, babies are born and wedding albums become harder and harder to justify meanwhile the CD is images get more and more dust-covered.  Although I’m so happy to know that the article did help many brides decide to finally put their album building skills and scrap-booking skills into action, it was also quite sad to hear about how so many brides chose to do nothing with their CD and feel like they lost out on their wedding memories.


In this next year, we hope to see just as much blogging success (and hopefully more) than we did in our first 12-months online.  I want to thank all of our readers, new and old, for taking time to come to the blog and for sharing the articles with your friends!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!