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Toronto Wedding Photographers Manifesto

Why choose Ten·2·Ten Photography as your Toronto wedding photographer?

Read through our manifesto and you’ll begin to understand what makes Ten·2·Ten Photography so different from the competition.

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In our near-decade of capturing wedding days, we’ve been fortunate enough to capture stories that are so unique and so intimate that even the best authors in the world would stumble over the right words to describe the experience.  We’ve been lucky enough to work in some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Toronto (and within Southern Ontario) but we’ve also captured wedding days in a variety of dynamic locations that have required substantial troubleshooting in order to make amazing images.  We’ve captured portraits of some of the most photogenic couples but we’ve also been able to do the same with those who have a fear of being in front of a camera, those who are shy and those who simply aren’t interested in photography (but are doing in for their partner).  They’ve all loved their photos.  We’ve photographed weddings on beautiful sunny days and we’ve been rained out; we’ve always been able to help our couples put plans in place to make the most out of any whether situation.  We’ve photographed wedding days that run on time and we’ve photographed days that have considerable delays; we’ve always been able to stay calm and collected and be a rock from which our couples can gain strength.  We can can do all of this only because of the experience we’ve gained over our years in the profession.

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A Timeless Style

Remember back in the late 90’s when everyone loved the selective colour images?  You know, those black and white images with only a pop of colour?  They were once the “it thing” but are so incredibly dated and out of style now.  You wouldn’t want a wedding album filled with only those types of images, would you?

We understand the appeal of trendy and chique styles; the types of images that you are bombarded with in wedding magazines and blogs.  We also understand that certain styles and trends are fleeting and that wedding photos should be loved for years to come.  Our style is influenced by current trends but never based entirely on them; our images are a combination of timeless and chique with a style that represents who you are today as a couple but that will always stay fresh throughout the years.  Our style is achieved through documentary (candid) inspired photography with a focus on artistic portraiture.  Each story that we tell is unique to the couple, the location and the events that are unfolding.

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Up to Date Knowledge

Part of staying fresh as a photographer means continuing our education.  Every year we enroll in various workshops, seminars and conferences to ensure that we stay up-to-date with what’s current in the industry and that we are always pushing ourselves to improve our skills.  “Good enough” is simply not good enough; we strive for the the best in our approach, our skills and our experiences as we document your love story.

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Quality Artists & Quality Products

The relationship we have with our clients is crucial to us; without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.  It is of the utmost importance that we provide our clients with quality products as well as quality artists.  Our wall prints as well as fine-art photo albums are made locally by the best artisans in the country and we are so proud to support our local talent while providing top quality products.  Our team of shooters are continually pushing their own creative limits and our second shooters are all experienced, competent and talented professionals.  We are a company that promotes quality because we understand the value of the product that we are providing.  While your wedding dress will get hung up after the wedding and your makeup will be washed off and your hair combed through, the investment you make into your wedding photos will be the only investment you make whose value will actually increase over time.

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A Pillar in the Community

As one of the top Toronto wedding photographer, we have become a pillar in the community.  Newer photographers have spent time mentoring with us, learning at our workshops and and actively engaging with us on photography forums.  It’s an honour to be approached by other photographers when they are seeking advice and learning; it means that we’re definitely doing something right in the community that we are so proud to be a part of.


Our mission is simple; to have the knowledge, resources and passion to capture a love story with the utmost care and professionalism.  Our skills are forever expanding with continued education, our dedication is renewed to our clients year after year and our timeless products are designed to become family heirlooms.  A wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s an occasion where expertise, artistry and most importantly – experience – matter most.

The investment you make into your wedding photography will be the only investment you make during your wedding planning whose value will actually increase over time.

Invest in a quality photographer; you deserve it.

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