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Toronto Wedding Photography: Wedding Planners can Improve your Wedding Photos

Being in the Toronto Wedding photography scene has allowed me to capture a multitude of moments across the GTA; everything from candid shots at the Royal York hotel to stunning architectural fine-art poses at Osgoode Hall.  There isn’t much that I haven’t seen, done or shot.  I wanted to take this time to reflect on the years of work and share a few insights to my brides and grooms-to-be.

Wedding photography can definitely be an investment but, at least in my opion, it’s an investment worth making.  Your wedding day photos are actually the only investment you’ll make into your wedding day whose value increases over time – so wouldn’t you want to do all that you can to maximize that investment?

Today I want to talk to wedding planners; specially, how wedding planners can help improve your wedding photos!

Kate Mackenzie, from Kate Mackenzie Weddings, was kind enough to shed some light on a wedding co-ordinators role and how it can impact your wedding day photographs.

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Wedding Planners: An Amazing Resource and Problem Solver

In the days leading up to a wedding, a bride (or groom) may face last minute obstacles such as dealing with a rainy forecast.  Many brides and grooms avoid creating a contingency plan for their wedding photos in case of poor weather, but this can lead to an incredible amount of stress and a not-so-pretty default photo location come the day-of.

Kate Mackenzie says: “Planners/coordinators are extremely resourceful in seeking out solutions of any kind. If you are planning ANY outdoor events (ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, reception) there must always be contingency plans for potential unsavoury weather. Permits are mandatory at the most picturesque and popular of photo shoot spots (for obvious reasons!) and you do not want to be running around the day before your wedding when you should be unwinding at the spa and bonding with your besties.  Let your planner help you through the process and ease your stresses!”

Wedding Planners: Master of the Mornings!

Wedding mornings are an opportunity for a photographer to capture many beautiful, candid moments; the story of the transformation of a girl into a bride all while being surrounded by her best friends and closest family members.  Many brides leave it up to their wedding parents, their parents or themselves to deal with the last minute details on the wedding morning; this means that instead of a photographer capturing once-in-a-lifetime candid moments, they’re capturing photos of the bride on her cellphone talking to the caterer.

Kate Mackenzie says:  “Your mother, his mother, your sisters, your best friends are all so very special to you – and your wedding day is emotional and monumental to them as well as it is to you. It is so crucial that brides (or grooms) give away the details and the to-do lists to a party who is not emotionally invested – and is instead present to act as a point of contact for your entire wedding team, so that your nearest and dearest ladies can embrace your big day with you completely and wholly. Your posse deserves to let loose and wear VIP crowns along beside you instead of running around tending to dozens of last minute duties, chipping nails, getting tears, and frizzing hair.”

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Kate MacKenzie is a Toronto-based wedding planner and event designer.  She is the woman behind the brand, and takes immense pride in her careful management, organization, and team-oriented leadership of her soon to be wed couples and their milestone events.  Handling any old event is not her forte – it is the chaos and impeccable attention to detail of a highly emotional occasion that initially charmed and seduced her into the business of weddings.  Kate’s appreciation for the theatrics of event production along with tactful project management skills enable her to produce seamless events.   A Kate MacKenzie Weddings signature exists as an undeniable atmosphere of merriment, harmony, and contagious festivity

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