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Toronto Wedding Photography: Wedding Planners can Improve your Photos

As a Toronto Wedding Photographer, I’ve gotten to see it all; the good, the bad and the “oh-no!” ‘s that can happen on wedding days.  Toronto wedding planner Kate Mackenzie helps shed some light on how a wedding planner can help improve your wedding photos so that you have more “Ooh la la” moments and less of the “Oh no!”s.  Read part 1 of our interview with Kate Mackenzie here.

Wedding Planners: Family Facilitator

Family photos can be a hectic time; family members often do not know what is expected of them or where they need to be and get easily distracted by visiting with friends and family as well as celebrating. When family photos run long time often has to be removed from the bride + groom portion of the photo session in order to stay on time.

Kate Mackenzie says: “Wedding planners can improve your photos by being family facilitators.  It is important that all members of the “family portrait” photo session be notified days in advance of their requested presence – and given exact direction as to where to be and when. A family portrait/wedding party portrait/couples portrait schedule is crucial to be circulated with your photographer and your VIPs so there are no surprises and no scrambling. It is difficult to look relaxed and in love when you’re stressing out about where the heck everyone is, and why your sister in law is making a scene on the other.”

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Wedding Planners: Receiving Line Gurus

Brides and grooms rarely plan for a receiving line; it’s often an impromtu event thrown in at the last minute by the request of a parent. Receiving lines take a very long time and are always last longer than expected which typically takes a significant amount of time away from your photo session. It would be beneficial to photography if a receiving line is not only planned for but also allotted an appropriate amount of time in the day.

Kate Mackenzie says: “Receiving lines are a point of contention at most weddings – because they are somewhat old-fashioned but are a sure way you will connect with all your guests… not getting enough (or any!) face-time is the number one regret that people have when attending a loved one’s wedding. If you calculate 30s/guest (max!) the most you can reasonably manage is 120 guests in an hour – and remember that an hour of lost time is quite substantial at a carefully planned event. The decision of a receiving line absolutely must be decided upon a minimum of 3 days before your wedding to arrange your event schedule most efficiently and ensure that the transition into the reception is seamless.”

Wedding Planner: Reception Roster Champion

If you’re choosing to have your photographer stay to cover a portion of your reception, you obviously want fun, crazy and incredibly lively photos of your guests having a great time. Nothing drains the energy from a wedding reception like a very, very long meal as well as countless speeches post-dinner. Having a planner as a part of your wedding team can help put the proper steps in place in order to ensure great energy throughout the entire event – this results in better photos as well as a GREAT time for your guests.

Kate Mackenzie says: “Speeches and toasts at your wedding reception should be decided on long before the 2nd course is served – YOU decide who is making the speeches (typically it is the best man, maid of honour, bride’s parents) and you are more than entitled to request a 3 minute cap (most speakers undoubtedly go over). Speakers must be slotted into the dinner schedule beforehand, most kitchens/wait-staff prefer to meticulously weave meal service with speeches. A wonderful way to give your besties, aunts, and uncles the floor is to pass the mic at your rehearsal dinner.”


Kate MacKenzie is a Toronto-based wedding planner and event designer.  She is the woman behind the brand, and takes immense pride in her careful management, organization, and team-oriented leadership of her soon to be wed couples and their milestone events.  Handling any old event is not her forte – it is the chaos and impeccable attention to detail of a highly emotional occasion that initially charmed and seduced her into the business of weddings.  Kate’s appreciation for the theatrics of event production along with tactful project management skills enable her to produce seamless events.   A Kate MacKenzie Weddings signature exists as an undeniable atmosphere of merriment, harmony, and contagious festivity

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