Unique Photography Locations in Toronto: My Bucket List

Toronto is a spectacular city with a seemingly infinite amount of parks, architecture and gardens to use as backgrounds for your wedding or engagement photos.  There are; however, some photography locations in Toronto that are much more unique than others.  My clients often request unique and original locations for their sessions and I’m always happy to provide them a list of photography locations in Toronto.  Unfortunately, as a photographer who loves new and exciting venues, I find that I’m shooting in the same locations over and over again.  Why is that?  Honestly… because of permits.  The cost of weddings can soar unexpectedly for a lot of couples and when faced with the possibility of paying for a photography permit, the majority of clients often change their mind about their location and choose something that is free.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love shooting in these locations and I gather part of my inspiration from my relationship with my clients and their relationship with each other but I do; however, gather inspiration and feel a refreshing surge of energy when I get to photograph in new locations.  Photographing a couple in a new and exciting location is the equivalent of Christmas for me.  So, like any child whose anxiously anticipating Christmas, I decided to write a wish list.  Although there are many amazing photo locations in Toronto other than what’s in this list, the following is a list of places I wish I could photograph a wedding in or at.


If you’re getting married (or know someone who is getting married) at any of the following locations, let me know!  I would be delighted to chat with you/them and see how we can work as a team to help get you the services you’re looking for while I too, would get to cross a location off my bucket list.

If you’re looking for a location for engagement photos and are considering one of the locations below, contact me.  Although my bucket list is meant for weddings, I do have a little special incentive in mind for those who are considering taking engagement photos at any of these locations (although preference is given to those who have full day events at the locations listed)

Liberty Grand wedding photos by Toronto wedding photographer Ten·2·Ten Photography ©2015


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