Whether you’re a Toronto wedding photographer, a rustic wedding photographer or a destination wedding photographer – you clearly have passion for your job and produce gorgeous images.  That being said; myself – as well as many of my colleages – have noticed a shift in the wedding industry in terms of the types of images that are being showcased and the themes that a lot of major blogs are taking on.  That theme is non-urban weddings.  This shift is causing many urban photographers to no longer be selected for publication or showcased on social media platforms.

While Iceland weddings are always jaw-droppingly pretty and bridal portraits taken along the foggy hillsides of Ireland will make your heart burst with happiness, the urban wedding photographer can still produce amazing work so why are they always losing out to yet another destination elopement?

I get it; I understand the industry.  Blogs are showing what is popular and what sells – and right now, that’s destination elopements and kick ass, naturally beautiful locations.  While I love the esthetic of those types of weddings as well, there are a lot of photographers who also produce stunning work right in the middle of a giant metropolitan area.  Just because you’re not a wanderlust doesn’t mean you’re not an amazing photographer who is contributing an immense amount of talent into our industry.

Do we have a grudge against destination weddings?  Absolutely not.  We simply want to help create a platform for the urban photographer to showcase their talent.

The Urban Wedding Collective is an instagram project created by us (Ten·2·Ten Photography) to help showcase some of the most amazing urban wedding photos from across North America.

polson pier engagement photos 83 1024x683 - Urban Wedding Collective: A New IG Project

The Details: The images showcased by #urbanweddingcollective are images taken in urban environments across North America.  While we prefer to showcase wedding day images, select engagement session images will also be showcased.  Simply tag your photo with #urbanweddingcollective for a chance to be showcased.

The Why:  Yes, there are many insanely gorgeous locations in the world that are just dying to be photographed.  But there’s also a lot of beauty and creativity that lies within urban area.  While destination weddings and elopements are increasingly popular; a large proportion of brides and grooms still opt to have a non-rustic, non-destination wedding in the city in which they live.  Let’s show the world, including those brides and grooms, that there’s just as many talented photographers who can rock urban weddings!

Increase your chances of being selected: There’s no doubt going to be a plethora of amazing images that will want to be featured.  If you want to increase your chances of being featured, consider ensuring that your images has/is the following:

  • A geotag indicating where the image was taken
  • Shoutouts to the couple (so they can see that they’ve been featured)
  • Shoutouts to any associated vendors (again, so they can see that they’ve been featured)
  • A clear indication of what city it was taken in

It’s also super appreciated if you follow @UrbanWeddingCollective as well!

The Curator:  At the moment, the curator of #urbanweddingcollective is Erika of Ten·2·Ten Photography.  Several other amazing photographers have shown interest in participating as curator in the future; something that is to be explored.  Keep following Urban Wedding for updates!