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Who am I?

It’s been over 10 years that I’ve been in this industry and with each and every year I grow better as an artist and a business person and my passion for sharing my knowledge grows along with my skill set.  While I’m offering wedding photography mentoring now, I started off with a Canon Rebel and a $750 wedding.  I started shooting before presets were a thing, before Facebook groups could give you a thousand and one answers and before photographers willingly offered mentoring sessions and desperately held on to so many of their trade secrets.  Through years of learning lessons (many of which were the hard way!) and educating myself, I’ve transformed from that $750 wedding photographer to someone who has a wonderful team of wedding photographers working alongside me, have 500+ weddings and engagements delivered to clients and a full range of photography mentoring services.

I want to make the industry better by sharing my knowledge and skills with you so that you can thrive in this competitive industry and survive market changes.  Offering wedding photography mentoring is my way to giving back to the community.

I’ve done the workshop thing, in fact, for many years I ran workshops.  But I’ve also learned how to be an educator with post secondary education and what I believe is that when it comes to adult education, the more personalized and tailored the approach is, the more the learner takes away from the session.  That’s one of the things that’s makes me different than other mentors I have a background in education.  I understand how adults learn and how to present information to you in various ways, based on your unique needs.

I know you’re a busy person – you don’t want to waste your time in a workshop where only 20 or 30% of the content is actually applicable to you.  You want the content of your learning experience to be exactly what you’re looking for which is why starting in 2018, I have retired my existing workshops and am exclusively offering 1-on-1 mentoring for photographers.

Mentoring Topics

Mentoring is available in several forms; mini mentoring, full mentoring and long term mentoring.

There are many amazing shooting workshops out there and I’ll leave that to those photographers.  My specialty is the business side of things.  Some of the more popular topics that people have covered in past mentoring sessions include:

Pricing for profit
Growing your business/Working with Associates
Marketing advice
Contract advice
Targeting the right clients for you
Blogging guidance*

Building an email list
Portfolio/Website reviews
Communicating with clients
Branding and Online presence
Selling albums with success
Educating your clients + growing trust

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Shop out store to access a variety of downloadable tools for photographers.

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A custom experience – topic(s) tailored to your unique needs and what you want to achieve.

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Branding Critique


Personalized branding analysis; are you really attracting who you think you are?

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“What Should I be Charging?”


Can you say you’re confident with what you should be charging?  Are you profitable or on your way to burnout?  We’ll walk you through how to price yourself for profit.

Booking & availability

Wait times for mentoring are based on seasonal workload.
Contact us to set up a date to start mentoring with us!


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A worthwhile investment

The detail I got from Erika was more than I ever expected.  She really listens and cares about you and is able to understand your business and what you need to do to help yourself out.  She was really open about everything and wasn't afraid to say what I needed to hear.  My bookings are up, I'm getting clients that match me and I'm so confident in my brand now.  I'm so glad I worked with Erika!

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Communication, artistry, passion and more

Bree Rody-Mantha

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Erika and her team are so professional.  Everything from quick answers to our questions to helping us through some of the more stressful parts of our wedding day.  It didn’t feel like we were working with just another “vendor”, it felt like we were working with a friend.

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We didn’t want to look too posed in our photos but we also wanted someone who was comfortable working with people who needed some guidance too.  We feel like “us” when we look at our photos and we were so comfortable the entire day.  I’m so happy with my wedding photos!


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Wedding Photography Mentoring: FAQ

Q: What kind of mentoring do I need: mini, full or longterm?

A: Most questions people have can be answered in the 2-hours that full mentoring is scheduled for.  You can ask us anything you want during that time.  You’ve purchased the time – so ask away!  If you only have a few quick questions, mini may be the way to go and those with long term goals are best suited for long term mentoring.

Q:  Can you guarantee that the new pricing you make for me will work?

A:  No – I can’t.  Pricing is just a small portion of why a client might or might not hire you.  I have no control over whether or not a client will hire you despite your pricing – BUT – I can tell you, based on the numbers you give me, what price will turn you a profit and what price will leave you working for pennies.  Take the info, young Jedi, and do with it what you please.

Q:  What kind of information do you need from us for the ‘Pricing for Profit’?

A:  We will need to know your cost of living as well as your cost of doing business.  You’ll be sent an info pack with all the information we request.  The more accurate the information you give to us, the more accurate the prices are we can give you in return.

Q:  How do I book?

A:  Email me at [email protected] and let me know what kind of mentoring you’re looking for.  I’ll send you a contract and invoice and we choose a date.  Payment is due in full upon booking any session.

Q:  Long term mentoring… so, you’re a business coach now?

A:  Nah – I wouldn’t call myself that.  Business coaches have very specific education that also includes addressing emotional and psychological needs of their clients.  I stick to business.  You can call me a business coach if you want, but I like to think of it as a business mentor so as to not confuse what I do with those with real coaching backgrounds.

Q:  What else do I need to know about long term mentoring?

A:  I only take on 1 long term mentorship client at any given time.  Payment is due in full to reserve your block of time.  This is a commitment for me and you – we’re in this together.  This is for people who are willing to put the time in, willing to challenge themselves and willing to make change.

Q:  My business is struggling so I need your help – but how do you expect me to pay for this if my business is struggling?

A:  Logical question.  I offer a wide range of mentoring options for those who have budgetary concerns but when it boils down to it – our time has value (as does yours when you’re working with your clients) and we have set fair prices for the level of personalization in our mentoring.  Education is something you need to think critically about; if you find the right education options for you it’s perfectly okay to make a plan to save up for the education.