Wedding Photography Myths: There’s no Need to Hire a Professional Photographer

Whether it’s on forums, discussion boards or amongst groups of newly engaged friends, you often hear that “There’s no need to hire a professional photographer – my uncle has a good camera and said he’ll take pictures for free.” Is that really the case, though?  Why is there an entire industry devoted to capturing your memories on film when a random uncle can apparently do the same thing?

First, just because your uncle may have spent $6,000 on a fancy camera and some expensive lenses doesn’t mean he knows how to use them.  Sure, his pictures may look a tad crisper than those taken by aunt Sally’s 9-year-old point-and-shoot, but they will still pale in comparisson to those a professional photographer will capture, even if they have the same gear as your technology loving uncle.

Just because your friend owns the same camera as I do, do you think they could get this shot?

Second, aside from knowing their camera inside and out, a professional photographer knows how to properly compose your photos, knows when to capture those ‘magical moments’ and can post-process your images into true works of art.  Your uncle?  Well, he’ll burn you a CD of as-is jpegs.

Finally, a professional photographer will not only have the knowledge and experience to get you the best possible images of your day but they will also have back-up equipment incase of a catastrophic failure.

As I’ve mentioned before, the price of wedding photographers can vary.  Sure, there are some photographers who charge way too much money for the product you receive and there may be others who don’t charge enough for their talent but in general, but in general, the price of a wedding photographer will reflect their talent and abilities.

If you want to preserve the memories of your wedding day through your photographs, there’s no question about it – you need to hire a talented and professional wedding photographer.  If you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and could care less about having any photos at all, then don’t bother wasting the money and skip the photographer all together.  If you lie somewhere in the middle, though, and you want great photographs but you don’t want to hire a professional, then you need to stop kidding yourself that your uncles ‘magic camera’ will give you the quality that a professional will because I can guarantee that you’ll regret your decision the minute you see the CD of their mediocre memories.


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    1. That is true – some folks don’t much care for having their photos taken and would prefer not to have any photos taken on their wedding day. But for those who want great photos of their wedding day, it’s very much worth it to hire a professional! As you said, it’s once in a lifetime!

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