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Why do People Care about Facebook Likes?

Do you love the photos your photographer created?  Are you over the moon with your album?  Are you absolutely amazed by the overall experience you had with that vendor – or really, any of your wedding vendors?  Classic etiquette would lead you towards writing a beautiful handwritten note as a way to say thank you is there any other way to say thank you for a job well done?

In today’s modern age of insta-everything and shareable content, a “like” is even more powerful than a “thank you” and a comment or share is as appreciated as a note.  So what’s the big deal about likes, comments and shares?

Facebook is the #1 social media platform used by wedding photographers (and pretty much any other wedding vendor).  Although, as vendors, we absolutely adore our social media outlets, they aren’t without frustration either.  Facebook is constantly changing their behind-the-scenes algorithms and is “streamlining” what appears in your newsfeed.  A super talented vendor can post a stunning photos but without enough likes, comments or shares that photo can get lost in cyberspace within minutes.  It’s not the number of fans a page has that helps get posts into newsfeeds, it’s the number of interactions the page receives that matters to Facebook.  When Facebook sees that you are getting a lot of interaction on a post or photo, it puts it in more people’s newsfeeds.  It’s kind of like that old saying “the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer…” Okay, I’m terrible with sayings and I’m not entirely convinced that “poorer” is even a word but the point is, unless you are interacting with a Fanpage by liking, commenting on or sharing posts, your overall “like” on the page isn’t going to help a vendor promote via Facebook.  With the way Facebook operates behind the scenes now, popular posts get put into newsfeeds to become even more popular while low-interaction posts are lost forever (even if they have great content!)

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So you love your vendors?  Here’s a quick guide to get the most out of their Facebook pages:

  • Make sure to “LIKE” the vendor’s Facebook
  • Make sure to “Get Notifications” for your vendor.  (Go to their Facebook page and hover over the “Like” button for a minute… a dropdown menu will appear giving you the opportunity to click “Get Notifications”)
  • Like, comment and share frequently.  Not only will this give your own friends something neat to see in their newsfeed but it will help you establish a strong and positive relationship with your vendor

A few other tips for Facebook etiquette when dealing with wedding vendors:

  • If a vendor posts a photo of you, tag yourself in that photo instead of saving it and uploading it to your own account.  By tagging the photo the vendor posted, your friends and family are able to see who the vendor is.  This is the modern day equivalent of “word of mouth” referrals.
  • If a vendor has posted a photo of you and you’re choosing to display it as your profile picture, display the photo in it’s entirety – don’t crop out logos or change the proportions of the image.  The vendor posted the photo with the composition they believe reflects their style, to change it can not only change the feel of the photo but cause the image quality to dwindle considerably.
  • If you have both a personal and professional relationship with your vendor, keep your conversations on their fanpage tasteful and professional.  (Leave the chat about the drunken party for their personal page!)
  • Every now and then, SHARE your vendor’s page with your friends and family.  Everyone always knows someone who is getting married and sharing links to websites and fanpages is just like a word of mouth referral.

Hopefully you understand a little bit more why wedding vendors care about Facebook likes and have learned how to get more out of your Facebook interactions.  Happy Facebooking everyone!



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