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WordPress Vs. Squarespace: SEO

I talk a lot about WordPress vs. Squarespace SEO capabilities when I run my wedding photography workshops about SEO but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents into the wishing well today and write an article that isn’t necessarily technical but that breaks down the debate into simple terms for those who aren’t well versed in the world of SEO.

When it comes to deciding if your website is good enough, you need to consider not only the outside appearance but also what’s happening under the hood.  For many, this means SEO.  Wordpress and Squarespace are both very popular websites for photographers (at the time of writing this article, at least!) and the under-the-hood SEO capabilities of each are widely debated on the internet.  What I hope that all the readers get from this article; however, is the ability to understand a little bit more about the SEO situation on each platforms and the desire to continue researching both platforms until each and every one of their questions are asked.


I want to start by saying that both platforms, WordPress and Squarespace, are good in some ways and both platforms have room for improvement in other ways.  I personally am a fan of WordPress (with a ProPhoto template installed) but I understand that the learning curve is a little bit steeper than for Squarespace so when you choose which platform you want to work with, make sure you consider all factors; SEO and otherwise.

There are already numberous articles out there that list the pros and cons of wordpress and squarespace and I won’t waste your time repeating them.  We’re here to strictly talk about SEO and which platform (wordpress or squarespace) is superior for SEO.

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So which is better?  Is Squarespace’s SEO better than WordPress’?  Or is WordPress SEO better than Squarespace?

The answer depends entirely on what your SEO goals are.

If you don’t want to think about SEO at all and just let whatever happen happen (deep down inside the tubes and tunnels of the internet) then you may find that the SquareSpace platform is more appealing to you in that aspect.  Squarespace is built in such a way that basic SEO is performed behind-the-scenes from the moment you create your website.

If, however, you want to take control over your SEO and really make SEO a priority for your business then I suggest going the route that gives you control: WordPress.  The various plugins built for WordPress that help with SEO will allow you to maximize your SEO potential by clearly outlining what keywords you’re targeting.  For people who want to get serious about SEO, WordPress may be the better option for you.

Without a doubt, WordPress allows for more advanced SEO capabilities than SquareSpace does and I recommend to anyone who is considering making SEO a priority that they strongly consider swithing from SquareSpace to WordPress.  Best of luck with your SEO!


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