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CONTACT - Toronto Wedding Photographer |Ten·2·Ten Photography


The wedding industry is changing and some people book with only a few months (or weeks!) notice, while others still book 12-18 months ahead of time.  Our recommendation: reach out to photographers as soon as you can if you want to make sure you get dibs at availability

If you want to reach us directly, email info@ten2tenphotography.com or fill out the contact form below!

Here’s a few things you may want to know about contacting our Toronto wedding photographer team:

  • We’re real people and answer emails like real people – this means that you’ll be talking to me (Erika) when you reach out.  Personal assistants or virtual assistants are super appealing but not my style.
  • Reply times: We reply as fast as humanly possible.  Just be aware that sometimes we’re out of the office, shooting sessions that are full days in length.  We typically don’t spend time on our phones when we’re shooting as we give those infront of our lens 100% of our attention.  But we’ll get back to you asap once we put the camera down.
  • Email is our fave, phones kinda suck – mostly because of the non-stop spam calls that even fill up our voicemail (lame!) We’re happy to chat on the phone with you, but if you could send any initial communications by email that would be totally great.

Weddings are awesome and we can talk about them for hours, so lets chat!

Why does your contact form include “venue”?

There’s a few really important reasons that we like to know what your venue is.

First, if we’ve been there before and have blogged it, we want to send you the link!

Second, having a venue secured means that your date is definitely “locked in”.  The venue is typically the largest percentage of your wedding budget so once you book for a certain date, there’s almost no chance that that date will change.  If you’re flexible on your date and want to choose a date based on our availability, that’s freaking awesome!  Let’s chat!  But if you are still contemplating several dates it’s really difficult for us to let you know who’s available for which date as things can change so quickly.

Finally, there are a few venues in Toronto (and the surrounding areas) that have some really, well, weird policies about photography.  Some venues simply do not allow us in your reception room and insist that we are seated in another room.  How can we do our job if we’re not allowed to be in the same room as you?  Super dumb, right??  We can’t in all good faith accept a commission at a venue that we know will stop us from doing the best job we can, so we like to know this ahead of time to help us decide on the best way to help you out.