Toronto Wedding Photographers based in Durham and Cambridge Districts



Do you have flexible rates?

Our pricing is very transparent. If you are looking for more flexibility depending on timing of the year,
we can work with you and see what we can do.

Do we have to place a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is needed to book our services. We require a deposit for anything we do


Who should I book, Erika or Sarah?

Both Erika and Sarah are primary (lead) photographers. This means there’s years and years of experience that they bring to each and every wedding. They take the same approach to the day since Sarah has trained with Erika for nearly a decade. If you feel you vibe with one more than the other, that’s awesome – but most folks will book with either!

How far in advance should I book?

As soon as you have your venue secured, you should be booking your wedding photographer. Most folks book us 12-18 months in advance but it’s totally reasonable to reach out and see if we’re available for a last minute request, too! We can only hold your date once you have a signed contract and retainer place, though, so the minute you’re sure you want us – make it official!

Do we have to do a consult? Why?

Absolutely – a consult is always something that we do before a contract is sent out. We need to pass your vibe check and vice versa. We’re storytellers – we don’t do the “cookie cutter” poses or Pinterest inspo stuff, so we’re not the right fit for everyone. The consults helps make sure we’re both confident in moving forward.

What’s your email turnaround time?

We don’t believe in the toxic 24/7 hustle culture – we have business hours and turn our devices off at a certain point in the day. I know a lot of folks expect small businesses to be operating 24/7, but that’s not us and we want to always be clear that we try to achieve a 24-48 hour turnaround on all our emails. Of course we have an emergency number for wedding days and the days prior to the wedding!!


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