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Toronto Wedding Photography Pricing: FAQs

Unlike many other Toronto wedding photographers, I take a full disclosure approach when it comes to pricing – that means I proudly display a complete list of all of my services for the world to see.  This page will help provide answers to the most common pricing-related questions.  If your question does not appear on this list, please feel free to email me at info@ten2tenphotography.com

Service Questions

Documentary photography depends on how much is going on and how much travel time there is during your day. Our average is 60-80 images per hour that we’re shooting. For most full-day weddings this can be anywhere from 600-900+ images.

We never hold back amazing images – if you end up with more images then that’s awesome! With that being said, though, we also only click the shutter when we truly feel something. We are not in the practice of taking images for the sake of increasing image count. We want the images to mean something.

Our full day wedding packages typically end 30 minutes after the dancefloor opens and we do that for a few reasons: (1) anyone who is going to dance will do it in the first 30 minutes (2) you can only have so many photos of people dancing (3) once the party really starts to get going, a photobooth is often a better investment! We can offer a special pricing rate to extend your package to $400/hour.

I want to preface this with the following: to keep us away from a wedding takes a lot. We would have to be so sick that if you or your spouse were that sick, you wouldn’t attend your own wedding. We take this seriously and make more than a reasonable effort to push through any minor illnesses and still bring our A-game to you.

In the event that an emergency does occur, or if we are ill and cannot attend the event due to mandatory quarantine rules, we will make every effort to find a replacement that we feel matches our quality and skills. We will ensure that we engage with you during this process and that communication is transparent. In the event that we feel a suitable replacement cannot be found, a full refund will be provided (less any services already delivered).

This has never happened in the past – but we do have this contingency plan in place just in case!

If you would feel better about pre-reserving a replacement photographer, we can discuss this with you during your consultation. This would be an additional cost above and beyond your package price and is custom quoted based on the length of time this person would be “on-call” for (and thus turning away their own weddings). The cost of this generally ranges from 30-40% of a package price.

Style & Approach

We are documentary-style wedding photographers. This means that there is very little posing. Instead, we use prompts and suggestions to help foster natural moments that evoke emotion and that is what we capture.

We look for actions, reactions, and emotions and capture the day from a variety of angles and vantage points. We are focused on not only the couple but on their friends and families, for a full and complete story.

We established our editing style a long time ago – long before ‘presets’ could be purchased. This makes our style unique.

Our editing style is rich, warm, and vibrant. Our style is transformative in that it adds to the existing scene in terms of creating a more bold and distinct flare. We are cautious not to ‘overdo it’ and turn skin tones into those resembling Oompa Loompas, but we would not consider ourselves to be traditional or totally true-to-life either.

Editing means that your images are adjusted for color, exposure, tint, and contrast as well as processed with our signature rich and warm color profile (as mentioned above). With this, a gentle skin softening filter is included as well as natural highlights and shadow enhancements to create a vivid result. In the editing process, we review all images twice, with 2 different sets of eyes, to ensure consistency and quality.

Where editing ends is where retouching starts – retouching is what happens to magazine covers where bodies are artificially manipulated and enhanced in ways that change the reality of the day. We do not remove background images, seams on clothing, bra straps, or tattoos nor do we change people’s body shape, “swap heads” or provide airbrushing of skin.

The nature of documentary photography is that beauty is found in the everyday moments; if you feel like your images may require manipulation beyond what is naturally occurring, documentary-style photography may not actually be the best fit for you.

Every photo will be delivered in color and a select amount will also have a black and white copy at our discretion. We do love black and white so we include those as bonus edits but only for the photos where black and white really had an impact.

Anne-Marie is our in-house editor and has been for many years. Erika trained Anne-Marie with the distinct Ten·2·Ten style that you see in all of the photos on our website and social media. There’s nothing wrong with using a team to help you with post-processing when it’s a consistent team member who produces quality work! In fact, it’s beneficial because it means you get your photos faster!

We’re a body-positive company and will never alter what your body looks like – you’re perfect as you are! This is why airbrushing and retouching (not editing, but retouching) are not included as a part of our service pricing.

The nature of documentary photography is that beauty is found in the everyday moments; if you feel like your needs include airbrushing and retouching services, you may be better serviced with a company that takes a more editorial approach.

If you are 100% confident that documentary-style photography is right for you but still want to know if airbrushing is available if you want it at a later date, we can partner with a professional retoucher to have this service provided and a custom quote can be provided based on how many images require retouching and to what extent the retouching is required. We do not have examples of retouched images to show in our portfolio (only those that are editing with our standard approach) as this is not a regular service that we provide nor do we encourage it.

Pricing Questions

All prices are subject to applicable taxes unless otherwise stated.  Part of running a sustainable business means following the proper guidelines in place regarding taxes.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

It’s human nature to want to make sure you get value out of your money and we do our very best to offer competitive prices. If you’re working within a certain budget, let’s have an honest discussion around budgets and what services you’re seeking. We’re happy to present you with a few custom options that may work better for you where we can get creative with the number of hours of coverage or the type of service offered.

Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, summer or winter, we still put the exact same amount of work into your experience with us. With off-season and weekday weddings gaining in popularity and becoming quite normal, we cannot offer the same services for a lower price just because of the time of the year or the day of the week.

Because they’re pros and are giving up their own prospective business for that day!  If you stumble upon companies who offer a second shooter for free, it’s likely that person is looking for more experience or an amateur.

The long and the short of it is this: if you want quality, you have to pay for quality.  Our second shooters are professional photographers who have professional gear (+ backup gear, too!) and can provide you a product that is equal in comparison to the primary shooters.

Booking Questions

As soon as you’re ready to! The only way to secure your date officially is by signing a contract and placing a deposit. Most couples book 12-18 months in advance but we occasionally do have last minute availability and are always happy to chat.

A:  There are booking restrictions for intimate and microweddings but before I get into what they are, I want to explain the why. The vast majority of weddings happen on Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays. This means that photographers need to keep these days available for full day bookings for a reasonable amount of time before the dates. We absolutely adore microweddings and intimate weddings, but the reality is that you can’t run a business shooting a handful of 2 and 3 hour weddings a month. This is why there are booking restrictions for intimate and microweddings.

  • If you’re looking at 5 hours (or less) of coverage and your wedding is on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday between April + November: Up to 3 months in advance
  • If you’re looking at 5 hours (or less) of coverage and your wedding is on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday between December + March: Up to 6 months in advance
  • If you’re looking at 5 hours (or less) of coverage and your wedding is on a Monday – Thursday, any time of the year: Up to 1 year in advance

If you want to secure us for an intimate or micro wedding further in advance than our normal guidelines, we can discuss how an alternative booking fee can bridge the gap.

Booking with us is easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home. (So you can stay in your pj’s if that’s your jam!). Let’s start with a Zoom or phone call consultation. We believe that consultations are learning about what your needs are. We answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to understand our process. If we’re a good fit for each other we’ll send you a proposal to review and sign the contract. Once the contract is signed a retainer payment is due and voila – you’re booked!

General Questions

Saaaaame – and it’s okay! We love embracing the awkward and finding the real you to capture in photos. Truthfully about 90% of folks will describe themselves this way and the vast majority rock their photo sessions! It’s okay to feel awkward but when you choose a photographer who you really vibe with and feel comfortable around, the awkwardness will melt away. This is why we always do consultations

We are very well-established photographers in Toronto with over a decade of experience! Most likely we have worked at your venue! Even if we haven’t, though, we’ll make sure that if we have any concerns that could impact your photos that we’ll address this before the big day.

All couples are welcome in front of our cameras; whether this is a modern, low-key intimate wedding or a large traditional gathering. What’s key to our couples is that they are all seeking the same thing: documentary style coverage. We’ve very well versed in understanding and capturing various traditions and ceremonies and approach each and every one with the utmost care and provide beautiful documentary images of it.

Yes – we offer photobooth services to our Toronto and southern Ontario clients! Have a peek at our photobooth page to learn more about our digital photobooth that drops images directly to your guests phones!

Looking for COVID FAQs?

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