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Toronto Family Photographer: Documenting your Story - Toronto Wedding Photographer |Ten·2·Ten Photography

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Why take family photos?

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Because they won’t be this little forever.

Get in the picture and be their memories too.

When I step back from my role as a Toronto family photographer and think about life as a mom, it really puts things in perspective.  It feels like just a few days ago when I brought my son home from the hospital; that nervous first car ride, wondering what our new routine will be once we get home.  Now he’s getting ready for his first day of school and just like that, the last 4 years have flown by overwhelmingly fast.  He’s not little anymore and with every day he grows I appreciate the photos I have of him even more.  Add to that, I’ve realized just how important it is for me to get into the picture with him, too.  I want memories of him, but he too will want memories of me.

I’m here to freeze time for you, to help you get in the picture and to help those fleeting moments stay fresh in your memory and close to your heart.

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the artist



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I’m Erika; I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 12 years and during that time I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and become a Toronto family photographer, too!  Like weddings, family photography is dynamic, energetic and full of the unexpected.

Being a toronto family photographer means that my job is about having fun!  I love having fun during our sessions and can often be seen walking into lakes or climbing up rocks to get the perfect angle – I’m in it to have as much fun as you’re having.  I love laughing and joking around and thanks to my own little guy I can sing along with almost every kids TV show theme song and popular song out there.

As a mom to a very active 4-year old, I’ve gotten the opportunity to further hone my skills as a photographer 24/7 for the last four years.  I’ve attended conferences and workshops galore, but nothing teaches you better than your own kid!

I know how challenging it is for the parents to get in front of the camera.  Do I love photos of myself?  Sometimes – hey, I’m human too.  But when I see my kids face light up because he sees mommy in a picture with him, it makes me realize that the pictures aren’t just for me – they’re for him too.

This is why I photograph families.

I find real life to be beautiful.
If you feel that way too, then
we’re a great fit!


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These short and sweet 20-minute sessions take place in the Port Union (Scarborough) neighborhood at Rouge Beach or Colonel Danforth Park.  Think of them as ‘mini sessions’ that you can book any time!

If you live within Port Union, you can also opt for a Front porch mini-session.


$79 (including 5 images)
$99 (including 15 images)

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These are a best way to tell a story; whether that’s the story of your pregnancy, the fresh first few days at home, birthdays, new pets or family memories.  We tell the story that you want to tell and we do it through gentle guidance and artistic, emotional captures.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes and are available within Toronto and Durham region in your home of favourite place.

You’ll get all of your hand-edited images available for digital download with a full print release.


Sessions are $395

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One of the best ways to say thank you to someone is to give them the gift of memories.

Whether it’s for Mothers Day or to thank a frontline worker, Gift Cards are available in the following amounts:

  • $79 for a neighbourhood session (5 images)
  • $99 for a neighbourhood session (15 images)
  • $179 for a neighbourhood session (all images)
  • $395 for a full lifestyle session

Gift card holders must email us to book their session.  Don’t worry, the safety of your family is important to us so during COVID we are not accepting bookings.  We will open up our calendar when it is safe to do so and dates will fill fast!

Toronto Lifestyle Photography:
Our Approach

We are Toronto family photographers and we specialize in lifestyle photography.  Lifestyle photography means that we don’t put you into a cookie-cutter set with overused props, rather, we learn who you are and what story you want to tell and we capture that genuinely and with the utmost attention to detail.  

Whether you’re wanting an in-home newborn session, maternity photos at your favourite restaurant or family photos at your favourite beach, we’re right there with you taking it all in and getting right into the action.  We go into every session with the understanding that we want this to be a fun, light-hearted and carefree experience for the kids.  Our “go with their flow” attitude helps keeps little ones happy and the energy positive and strong and our years of experience give us the ability to adapt to whatever a session brings.

If you’re feeling good and we’re on the same wavelength, reach out to us so we can go over the details.

Neighbourhood Sessions start
at only $79 and Lifestyle Sessions
start at $395.

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the blogs


see the


Capturing your family story isn’t something we take lightly.  It’s an incredible responsibility and truly an honour to be granted that opportunity. 

We gather our inspiration not from Pinterest boards but from you and your family; your smiles, your laughter and your interactions is what lights our creative fire. There’s nothing more beautiful than the love between parent and children.


Emailing us is Chapter 1 of your story.
Let’s get ready to make some memories.

5 Reasons to Find a Toronto Family Photographer

To Find “the Happy Now”.  So many people make excuses for not taking photos.  It’s common to hear people say “when I lose ten pounds” or “after this awful haircut grows out” or “once his/her braces are off”.  Some people put off taking photos for other reasons; perhaps it’s been a tough year for the family; perhaps there’s been illness or loss.  Regardless what is happening in your life; there’s always something to be happy about now.  Even if it’s something very small; there’s always “the happy now” that is worth celebrating.  We do not need to wait for things to get happier.  Photos do not need to happen when life is at it’s peak happiness.  Celebrate the small moments in life regardless of what life has handed to you; celebrate The Happy Now.

Our stories change to very fast.  Children grow so fast.  Every week and month that goes by, your little ones are maturing and changing.  Our families and our stories can change so very quickly; take family photos to remember that snapshot in time.

Photos evoke emotion.  Looking through photos can make you laugh, smile and even cry.  Photos tell a greater story than any words can; they depict who we truly are deep in our soul and not just on the outside.  Photos are a genuine representation of self.

Photos give you history.  You are important, your family is important – and you legacy?  It’s very important.  Every family, no matter how big or small, has a story to be told and a story that is worth sharing for years to come.  Photos give you that story.

Memories are powerful.  How many times have we said “I’ll never forget this moment” but years later we realize our recollection isn’t what is used to be?  Capturing your moments with photos creates powerful memories that provide you with opportunity to relive those times in vivid detail.

Your memories are worth documenting.  Your every day life? It’s beautiful!  You’ve worked so hard to get where you are and you’re worth celebrating. I’m honoured to be the Toronto family photographer that gets to give you the gift of memories.

We believe
in transparency

We are an open book; part of being a Toronto family photographer means providing education and support to our families.  We have a thorough FAQ section and are ALWAYS open to chatting so that your questions are answered and you are confident in the experience you’re providing your family.

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